Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged. '" Church and their Meetings , but at home know that they are his Col- "leagues. 51. A Clerk howLearned foever in Gods Word, mutt get hit `" living by a trade. 52. That is, by a trade or husbandry, without de- " triment tohis Office. 53. All Clerksthat are able to work, fhould learn both trades and Letters. 55. TheBifhop Tuft not admit an accufer of " the brethren to Communion ; Nor to enter into theClergy, though he "amend. Many again& Clergy-men that are flatterers, betrayers, foul- "tongued, quarrellers, at difcord, fcurrilous, of filthy jeafts, that fwear "bycreatures, that fing at feafts, of former fcandal, &c. 83. The poor 4' and the aged of the Churchto behonoured before the reft. 88. He that " goeth to any Shows or Sights, on publick days, inftead of going to the " Church-affembly, let himbe Excommunicate. 98. A Lay-man mutt not "teach when the Clergy areprefent, unlefs they bidhim. ioo.. Awoman "muft not baptize. .4. 35. XCIII. An. 398. Another Council wasat Carthage of73. Bifhops for Difcipline. . §. 36. XCIV. An. 399. rheophdpmhelda Synod at Alexandria, again& a dead man, Origen. The occafionBaronius and Binnins thus deliver : Me- lania, a Woman of greateft Nobility in Rome in Valens the Arians Pefecu- tion, hid five thoufand Monks, and a while fufteined them, and when they were banifhed, with great zeal, followed them to maintain them out of her fubítance (or eftate : ) When they were reftored frombanilhment, fhe built for her Pelfa Monaftery at 7erafalem, in which, befides fifty Vir- gins that dwelt with her, the entertained and maintained holy Foreign Bifhops, Monks, and Virgins, twenty feven years : Whereby it happened that both the and Raffinas , were by Didyinits Alexandrinue, (a manblind, butofgreat learning and fame, too greatan admirer ofOrigen's works) en- tangled (as their accufers faid) in Origen's errours, and received and di- vulged his Book, called Periarchon: After 25 years abfence in Egypt and Pale/line, returningto Romewithgreat fame ofHolinefs, andbringing with them a piece of the Crofs, they with fraud bring to Rome Origen's Periar- chon, (that is, Tranflated and Correfted by Ruffinpm.) Another Woman, Marcella, accufeth themof Origen's errours, which they deny , and get- ing CommunicatoryLetters from Pope Siring:, orfake Rome, (where fuch Merits and Holinefs wouldnot procure an aged Lady a quiet habitation, without beingHereticated, becaufe thehighly valued Origen's Works,which had divers errours ; and who bath not ? ) Hereupon Par/whim, and Ocea- nus, write toHierome to publith Origen's Periarchon entire, and (fete& his errours ; which he did, Chewing that Raffnus had mended fome, and left others unmended : This occafioned ítirs again& Hierome, and a Council call'dat Alexandria, an. 399. where Origen is condemned. Theophilas by his Legates expells Origen's followers out of Egypt and Palefline z Being expelled they go toChryfoflome to Conflantinople and complain of Theophi- las as perfecuting them that were innocent Catholicks, and defired his help: He undertaketh to reconcile them toTheophilus : Epiphanius followeth them L2 to