Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

76 Church-Hiftory ofBijhops and to Confiantinople, and requireth Chryfof1ome to Excommunicate them and Expel them ; Chryfoflome durit not do it, against p ople profefling truth and piety, withouta Synod : Whereupon Epiphanies irregularly accufeth Chryfoflome, and publickly inveyethagainft himin hisown Church; of the procefs ofwhich, more anon. §. 37. For the better underftanding of thefe matters, I will infert fome. what of Theophilus and Chryfoflome,outof Socrates;becauiehe is a moil credi- ble Hiftorian,and faith, they were things done in his own days. Theophilus wasnoted fora Lordly Prelate; Ifidore Pelufiota faith more : When Chry_ föfiome was tobe Ordained Bithop of Conftantinople, Theophilus refufed to Ordainhim, becaufe he would have preferred to it, one Ifidore, a Pref. byter of his own ; But Eutropius, a Courtier, havinggot Articles againft Theophilus, Ihewed them to him,and bid him choofe, whetherhe would Or- dainChryfoflome Bithop, or ftand at the.Bar andanfwer thèfe crimes : Theo- philus was fo afraid at this, that he prefently Confecrated Chryfoftome Socr. 1.6. c.2. But prefentlyafter beganbufily to devife howhemight work himmifchief, which hepra tifed privately by Word, and by his Letters into foreign Countries: But was vexed that his malicious pra&ices had not better fuccefs, for he thought to bring in this Ifidore (cap. 5.) S. 38. One of the Articles againft Theophilus was this: When Theodo- fias was going to fight againft Maximus the Tyrant, Theophilus fent pre- fents by this Ifidore to the Emperour, with two Letters, charging him to give the prefents and one of the Letters tohim that fhould have theupper. hand. Ifidere got him to Rome, tohearken aftertheVidory : But his Reader that kept him company, (tole away his Letters: Whereupon Wore in a fright took his heels prefently to Alexandria. S. 39. Another thing to be fore-known to this ftory is in Socrat. í.6.c.7. The fchifmeof the Anthropomorphites now rote from Egypt: fome of the more unlearned thought that Godhad abody and the fhape of aman, but Theophilus (and the Judicious) condemned them, and inveighed againft them, proving that God had not abody. The Religious of Egypt hearing this, flocking inblind zeal toAlexandria, condemnedTheophilus for a wic- ked man, and fought to take away his life : Theophilus very penfive, de- vifed how to fave his life : He came to them courteoufly, and faid, When I faftenmine eyes onyou, methinks 1 fee the face of God. Thefe words allayed the heat of the Monks ; who faid, If that betrue that thou_revel', that the face of God is like ours, then curfe the Works ofOrigen whichdeny it : Ifthou deny this, be fare thou flarereceive at our hands the punifhment due to the im- pious and open enemies of God: O brave difputing! Were thefe mortified Monks ? Theophilus told them, he woulddo what theywould, for heha- ted theBooks of Origen. But that which ripened the mifchief was, that the Religious Houles of Egypt having fourbrothers,excellent men,for their overfeers, Theophilus was reftkfs till he got them away to him ; one ofthem, Diofcorus, he made aBi- fhop;others living with him perceived that he wasfetupon heapingandhoarding money,