Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

Church-Hi,/tory of ßiJhops and the worfe he fpakeofthem ; Andall the honest plain people believed and loved him ; but the richand great Prelatesabhorred him. His ownCler- gy hatedhim, becaufehe would reform them: Thole that would not amend, he Excommunicated : Which they could not bear : fo that oneof his Dea- cons Serapion, openly Paid to him, O Bi(bop, thou faalt never be able to rule all thefe as thou wottldfl, unlefs thoumales them all taff ofone whip. Every one was his Enemy `who was his own, and was engaged by guilt againft his Difciplineand Doftrine. The Guilty hated him : His Hearers lovedhitn : Swift-Writers took his Sermons, whichtell us what he was to this day And it was honefty and policy in Innocent Bifhopof Rome to own him, who had worth to add to the reputation of his defendants. Among other of his accufations, one was, that Entropins an Eunuch, Chamberlain to the Emperour, procured aLaw againft Delinquents taking the Church for a Sanftuary. _ And fhort_ 1y after being to be beheaded, for a crime againft the Emperour, he took the Church for a Sanituary himfelf; And Chryfoflante from the Pulpit Preached a Sermon againft him, while he lay proftrate at the Altar. A 1_ fo he refitted Gainas the Arian, who turned Traytor and was deftroy- ed Another caufe of Chryfofiome's difturbance was, that one Severianus Bi- fhop ofGabale in Syria, came intoConflantinople, and Preached for. Money, and drew away the hearts ofthe People, whileChryfoflome was about choof- ing a Bifhop for Ephefes : Serapion a turbulent Deacon quarrelled with the SyrianBifhop, and wouldnot reverence him: The Bifhop faid, If Serapi- on die a Chriflian, Chrifi was not Incarnate. Serapion tells Chryfoflome the laft words without the firft : Chryfofiome forbidsSeverianus the City : The Emprefs takethhispart, and importuneth Chryfoflome to be reconciled to Severianus. But the Core remained., Socrai.I. 6.-c. 10. 45. Socrat. c. s.s. Shortly after Epiphanies (the Colleaor of Here- fies) came fromCyprus to Confiantinople, and there irregularly in Chryfo_ flames Diocefs played the Bifhop, ordained a Deacon, and called toge- ther the Bifhaps that were accidentally in theCity, and required them to Condemn the Books of Origen; which foamdid, and fome refufed, faith Socrates, cap. t a. "Oblcure men, odd Fellows, fuch as have no Pith or " e Subftance in them, to the end they may become famous, go about molt " commonly to purchafe to themfelves Glory and Renown by difpraifing " fuch men as far excel them in rare and fingular Virtues. Chryfoflome bore patiently Epiphanius's fault and invited him to take a Lodging at his Houle. He anfwered him, "I will neither Lodg with thee, nor Pray `t with thee, unlefs thou banifh Diofcors and his Brethren out of the City, " and fubfcribe with thy own Hand the Condemnationof the Works of "Origen : Chryfofiome anfwered, that inch things are not to be done with- out deliberation and good advice. Epiphanies inChryfoflome's Church at the Sacrament, Rands forth and Condemns Origen, and Excommuni- eateth Diafcerusa Bifhop, and reproveth Chryfofiotne as taking their part. Chryfoftome