Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged. 79 Chryfoflomi fent word by Serapion to Epiphanius that he did violate the Ca- nons, r. In making Minifters in his Diocefs ; 2. In adminiftring the Communion without his Licence, and yet refuting to do it when hede- fired it. Wherefore he bid him takeheed left he fet the People in anup- roar, for if ought came amifs, he had his remedy in his Hands. Epipha- nius hearing this, went away in fear, and took Ship for Cyprus : The re- port goeth (faith Socrates, cap. 13.) that ashe went he faid 'of john, .Ihope thoufhalt neverdyea Bifhop: And that Chryfofiome anfwer'd him, I hope thou Pali never come alive into thy Countrey..And it fo fell out : For Epiphanius dyed at Sea by the way ; and Chyfofiomedyed depofed and banifhed. §.42.TheEmprefsEudoxia was faid to fet Epiphanius on work. Chryfoftomo being hot,made a Sermon of the faults ofWomen ; which was interpreted to be againft the Emprefs. She irritated the Emperour againft him; and got Theophilus to call a Council againft him, atQuercus nearChalcedon,. and Confiant. Thither came Severianus, and many Bithops thatChryfoftome had depofed, and many that werehis Enemiesfor his ftriCnefs ; but efpe- cially timefervers that knew the will of the Emprefs, ifnot the Empe- rours: When they fummoned him to appear before them, He anfwer- ed, that by the Canon there mull be more Patriarchs, and he appealed' to a General Council, yet not denying to anfwer any where, if they would put out his Enemies from being his Judges, and that in his own Patriarchate. But they fentenced him depofed, for not appearing : The People were prefently in an uproar, and would not let him be takenout of the Church : The Emperour commanded his banifhment : 'To ,avoid; Tumult, the third day he yielded himfelf to theSouldiers to be tranfpor- ted : The people hereuponwere all in an uproar, and it pleated God that there was an Earthquake that night: Whereupon the Emperour lent after him to intreat him to return.. When he came back he would not have officiated, till his`Caufewas heard by equal Judges, but the People. conftrained hint to Pray and Preach; which was after made the matter of his Accufation. Theophilus was .hated as the caufe of all, and Severianusn as the fecond. After thisTheophilus turned. his Accufation upon Heraclides,, Bifhopof Ephefus, put in by Chryfofiome : They condemned him unheard,. in his abfence : Chryfoftome, Paid that fhould not be : The Alexandrianr; faid, It was iufi ; They went hereupon together by the Ears, and fom'e- were wounded and force were killed, 'and Theophilus glad to fly home ta: Alexandria; but washated by the People. §. 43. After this a Silver Imageofthe Emprefs was let up intheStreet and Plays and Shots about it, which Chryfoflome perhaps too tharply :re- proached : This provoked the Emprefs to call another Council which) depofed Chryfofiome, forfeizing uponhis place before a Councibreftored''. him : He ceafed' his,Office-: The Emperor bs ninied him :.His People in paffion fet the Church on Fire, which burnt down.the'enatours Court.;-, for which grievous fiifferines befell them. Upon this they forfook the: Church bilhop (A;E:).iur;anoldufelefs nian)and gathered Con. venticles