Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

o Church-Hifiory of Bithops and . venticles by themfelves, and were long called 'oannites from his Name, and taken for Schifmaticks : But they never returned till the Name and Bones ofChryfo!tome were reftored to Honour. 4.44. The Novarians quarrelled with Chryfoffome as too loofè in his Doctrine and too strict in his Life, becaufe he faid in a Sermon, If you Sinan hundred times,the ChurchDoors [hall beopen toyou, ifyou repent. And Chryfofteme angry with Sifinniuu theNovatien Bilhop,told him, There shouldnot be two Bishops in one City, and threatned to filence him from Preaching : He toldhint that he would be beholden to him then for laving him his labour. But Chryfoftome anfwered him, Nay, if be a labour, go on. $. 45. ) CV. ACouncil in Africk,to renew the Priviledgesof Churches for Sanftúary; that none that fled to them for any Crime, should be taken out by force : Juftice was taken for Wickednefs. S. 46. XCV1. Two Councils met, one atConft. to judg Antonins, Bi ¡hop ofEphejus, for Simony, and many other Crimes : Another at Ephe. fus to judg fix Bishops for Simony. 5: 47. XCVI I. About An. 400. A Council of 19 Bishops at Toletum re- prefs the Prifcillians;and makedivers Canons for Difcipline;as that a Cler- gy-Man (hall have power over his offendingWifeby force, but hot to put her to death ; that a man that bath no Wife but oneConcubine fhali not be kept from Communion (though fome think that this Concubine is tru- ly a Wife, but not according to Law,, but private Contraft, and more fervile.) Many other better there be. There is adjoyned a Regula fielei ofmany Bishops approved by Pope Leo, in Bin. p..563. To which are adjoyned Anathematifms against the Prifcillians : One of them is, If any one fay or believe that other Scriptures are to be had in Authority and Reverence, befdes thofe which the Catholick, Church receiveth,. let himbe Anathema. (Yet the Papiffo receive more.) An- other is, Ifany one think,that Afirology or Mathematic/v.., is to be believed (or trufed) let him be anathema. There are in Bin. divers Fragments cited, as oftheT'olet. Councils. One faith that Arch-Presbyters are under the Arch-Deacons, and yet. have Curam animarum over all the Presbyters. . Another determineth that there shall be but one Baptifmal Church, which is there called, The Mother Church, with its Chapels , in the Limits aligned : And another diftin- guisheth of Offerings made at the Pariah Church, and Offerings at the AI- tars ; which sheweththat then there were no Altars but where the Bi- Ihop was. S. 48. XCVIII. Two Councils were held at Carthage. about 401. The later about the Donutifs. 5. 49. XCIX. An. 402. Was the Council Melevitan, about certain Bi- íhops quarrels , and who should be the higheft Bifhop in Numidia. 5. 50. C. An. 403. Was the Synod ad guersum, which depofed Chryfoffon: e. 4gr.