Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged. 8 5 bereaved Theopempttiu their Bithop of his fubftance The Jews at that time falling out with the Chriftians,murdered manyof tt,em, Cyril executed Tome, and banifhed them all. Orefles the Governour took this ill : Fifty Monks ofMount Aitria come totake Cyril's part, and aflault the Governour, and woundhim in the head with a ftone : The people rife andput the Monks to flight, but take him that did the Fact, and he is tormented and put CO death: Cyril pronounced the Monk a Martyr, but the people would not believe him one. At that time therewas a Woman, Hypatia, fo famous Socr. C. z ;. for learning, that the excelled in all Philofophy, and taught in the Schools (which Plotinttecontinued:) fo that the had Scholars outofmany Countries, and was oft with Princes, and Rulers, and for her modefty and gravity was much etteemed. Orefies the Governour oft talking withher, thepeo- ple faid, - Itwaslongof her thathe was not reconciled toCyril: They laid holdofher ; drew her into a Church, ftript her ftark naked ; rate the skin, and tare the fleth off her body with (harp Ihelis till the dyed : they quarter -herbody and burn them to afhes r which turned to the great diflionour of Cyril. S. 4. All this while the followers of Chryfoflome remained Nonconfor-. mitts and Separatifts at Conflantinople, and were called 7oanmtes, and kept in Conventicles of theirown. Atticus knew that love was the way towin them, and he purpofing to take that way, writeth to Cyril Alex. that the reftoringofChryfaflome's name in the Church-Office would tend to heal their faddiviliion, and give the Churches peace He told Cyril, that Poplinma- ÿori exparte per fattionemfciffus extra muros conveners egerit, & perique fa cerdoses & collega noflri Epifcopi & á mutua' communion difcedentes, bonam . plantationem Domini purism abeft quip avulferint, &c. `` Moft of the people weregone and had feparate meetings without the Walls; Priefts and " r Bifhopsfeparating from one another were like to deftroy the Church, and " that ifhe confentednot to reftore thenameof dead Chryfollome, the.peo_ "ple would do it without him, and he was Ioath that Church-adminiftra- " tion lhould fo fall into the hands of the Multitude, and therefore he " would take in Chryfoflom'sname. Alexander, a goodBithopof Antioch put him upon this way : But Cyril Nicepb. 1. did vehemently oppofe it (Howdidhe obeyRome then, when the Pope had 14. c. Z7. 'Excommunicated Chryfoßom's perfecutors ?) And firft he pleaded, that the Schifmaticks were but few (as iftheir ownBifbop knewnot better than he;) and that Chryfoflome being ejefted dyed a Lay -man, and was not to be numbered with the Clergy,. that Atticus had theMagiftrates on his fide, that would bring them in byforce (Reader, thereis nothingnewunder the fun: the things that havebeen are.) And a little time would reduce molt of them to the Church (though they increafed;) That by favouring the Schifmaticks he wouldlofe the obedient (Conformifts,) andwould get nothingby pleatl ing fuckdifobedient men, but ftrengthen them ; That the Conformifts (or obedient) were the far more confiderable part, even the Bif lops and Churches,of ,Egypt, Libia, &c. and threatned that he would leek a reme. dy