Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

g 6 , Church-Hiiory of Bifhops and dy himfelf; And reproaching Chryfoftome, he telleth Atticus, That Con- formity tothe Canons was more to be obferved than the pleafing of fuch Schifinaticks, and that violatingtheCanons. would do far more hurt than pleating fuck menwould do. good ; And that fuch men will never be fatis- fied by reafons, nor judge truly ofthemfelves : Andhe likened thereftoring of Chryfoftomc's Name, to the putting in the name of the Traytor Mat with Matthias. He added, That if ignorant wilful fellows will forfake theChurch,what lofs is it?And therefore that a few mens talkmuff not draw Atticus topluck up the Church Sánftìons. And as for Alexander Antioch. who perfwadedhim to it, He was a bold-facedman that had deceivedma- ny; but this difeafe molt not thus prevail, butbe cured. Thus Cyril tòAt- riten : How oft have I heard juft fuch language ? Reader, How hard is itto knowwhat Hiftcry to believe, when it comes to the charadterizing of ad- .verfaries ? Howlittle is a domineering Prelates accufation of fuch men as Chryfoftome tobe credited ? And howordinary is it with filch, to calf their betters, not what they are, but what they would havethem thought, ifnot . what they are themfelves, ? But Atticus was wifer than to take this Counfel; butobeyed the Wifdom which is from above, Which isfirft pure and then peaceable, gentle, &c. And God had fomuchmercy on Confiant. gs to defeat the evil Counfel of Cyril, and turn it into foolifhnefs : For Attics reftored the nameof Chry., foflome, andufed the Nonconformifts kindly, and they came into theunity of the Church : And whenPreclus,after him, fetch'd home his bones with honour, the breach was healed. 4. 5. No credibleHiftory tellethus, that either Theophilus or Cyril did repent of this; (Though the Papifts fay, that the PopeExcommunicated Theophilus for it ; yet they are now honoured, becaufe the Popedid own the Caufe againftNetorius.) Theodorer's Epiftle to ?oh. Antioch. upon the deathof Cyril, taking his death for theChurches deliverance from a turbu- lent enemy of Peace, intimates, that he repented not:. But (God only knoweth:) Nicephorus out of Nicetaa the Philofopher, tellsus a report,that after all this, before he dyed, a dream did cure him; viz. That he faw Chryfoftome drive him out ofhis ownhoufe, having a Divine companywithhim; and that theVirgin Mary intreatedfor him, &c. And that upon this Cyril changed his mind and admiredChryfoftome, and repentedofhis imprudence and wrath, and hereupon called another Provincial Synod to honour him, and reftorehis name. (O duíîile Synods! And O unhappy Churches, whofe Paftors mutt grow wife, andceafe deftroying, after fo long finning, and by an experience which'cofteth the Church fo dear !) And Nicephorau faith, that Ifidore Pelufaota's reproof conduced much hereto, Niceph. lib. 14. cap. a8. S. 6. IfidorePeluf. words you may fee at large in his Epiftles : Nicepho- rua recitcth thus much of them, lib. 14. c. 53. Cyrillum fain ut ho- minem turbulentum refellens bac fcribit: Favoris affeItio aeutum non videt : Ho- ftilis verb animi odium nil prorfus ternit : Quid ft utrogise hoc vitiore pnrg.- re