Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged. g9 Neftorius and Cyril by force) tomuch as to hear the Emperorzrr writing. But he made them hear it : In whichNeftorius, Cyril, and Memnon, were depofed. Thfe thatwere with John heard itfiiendly, and approved it : The other clamour- ed, that Cyril and Memnon werewrongfully depofed : To avoid Sedition, Ne- ftorius was committed to Candidianus Comes, and Cyril to Jacobus Comes (end Memnon after.) He concludeth, ,Quèdft pientiffimot Epifcopos videra implacatosdr irreconciliabiles, (Nefcio undo inhone rabies"; & afperitatem ve_ nerint,) &c. This was his Defcription of the carriage of this Coun- cil. Both Parties fent feveral Bithops, as their Delegates, toConflantinople : The Emperour would not permit them to come nearer than Chalcedon, (which is as Southwark toLondon.) While they wait there, Theodorite, one of )`ohm's Party againft Cyril, wrote back, that theCourt was againft Ne- florior, but moft of the People were for them. It's Paid that Pulcheria, the EmperoursSifter, was much againft him. At lait Pope Calefline's Le- gatescame tothe Council and tookCyriPs Part. The Emperour faw how great the breach would be, ifCyril were depofed, and he revoked thede- pofition of him and Memnon, but not ofNefloriutt, and wrotea threatning Letter toCyril and Jobn, to charge themto agree and joyn in Communion, and not divide the Churches, or elfe whathe would do to themboth.Thefe terrible wordscured them both of. Heretic : They prefently confulted, and feateach other their Confeffions, and found (good men) that they were ezi of one mind and did not know it. And fo having their will upon Neflo- riue and his adherents, the rel united. But fo, that john and Theodoriee tookCyril for a Firebrand tothe lait. S. sI. Nejloriuo being depofed retired quietly tohis MonafterybyAx- tiedb, and lived thereinhonour four years, but then was banifned and dy- ed in diftrefs: (fome Fable that he was eaten withWorms.) S. 12. Theevent of this Council was, that a Party of the Orientals adhered toNefloriva , took Cyril and thisCouncil for Hereticks, and to this day continue a numerous Partyof Chriftians, calledHereticksby the Pontificiant, becaufe theyare notfor them And the Eutycbians on all oc- cafions accufed their Adverfaries the Orthodox to be Neflorians, and the Churches were inflamed bythediffention through manyAges following. S. i 3. And what was really the Controverfie between them? Some ac- cufe Neflorius as afferting two perfons in Chrift as well as two natures, whichhe frill denyed t Others accufe Cyril as denying two Natures : But his words about this were many, but he affirmed two Natures before the Union, (and fo did the Extychians) but one after : David Derodon a molt learned Frenchman hath written a Treatife De Suppofite, inwhich he co- pioufly laboureth to prove that Neflorius was Orthodox, : holding two Natures in one Perron, and that Cyril and his Council were Hereticks, holdingone Nature onlyafterUnion, and that he was a true Eutychian,and Diofcorus did but follow him, and that theCouncil ofChalcedon condemned Neflarius and ftablifhed his Doctrine, and extolled Cyril and condemned N his