Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

$$ Church-Hifiory of Bifhops and 4. to. CXIiI. The Emperour `Iheadofius jun. a Religious Peaceable Prince, weary ofthis Stir, called a General Council at Ephefuu, andgave Cyril order to prefide, (the Papifts pretend that he was Pope Calefline's Legate, who indeed joyned with him by his Letters, when he faw how thingswent.) Both Cyril andNefloritu delired the Council (Letters be- fore having made no end.) Calefline nor the Africanscouldnot comes Au. griffins was dead : Neflarius, Cyril, and ,`:mend of Yerufalem came : Yohn ofAntioch was thirty days journey off, and his Bifhops much more, and flayed long. Cyril andMemnonof Ephefui would not flay for him : Neflo. rims came the firft day ; But Cyril andthe reft being fharp againft him, for not calling Mary the Parent of God, he Paid to them, Ego bimeflrem aut trimeffrern Deum non facile dixerim : Proinde puros fiem á veflro fanguine: in poflerum advos nonvcniam. That is, 1 will not eafily fay, that God is two or three months old: I am clean fromyour blind, andwill come toyoungmore, Some Bifiops going with him, they met by themfelves. Cyril fummoneth him : He refufeth to come till Yohn BifhopofAntioch came. Theyexamine his Sermons and W itneffes, and condemn and depofe him, as blafphemous againft Chrift. Three or four days after, YohnofAntioch, and his Eaflern Bilhops come : He tookk ill that they flayednot for him : He joyneth in a diftinft meeting withNe/forius: Theodoret accufeth Cyril's Anathematifines of errour : They depofe Cyril and Memnon: Cyril's Synod citeth john: He refufeth to appear : They depofe him and his adherent Bifhaps : And thus two Synods fáte depofing and condemningoneanother : BothParties fend their Agents to the Emperour : His Officer Candidianus took part with Neforiole : He fen leth another .Tohannes Comes, with charge to de. pofe the heads of both the depofingParties, and fo to make good boththeir depolitions, viz. Nefforiuu, Cyril, and Memnon: Candidianus before had told the Emperour, how all was done in violence and confufion, and hehad pronounced all Null, and charged them to begin all a-new. When 7ohan- iz.o.P.7;86. ses Comes Came, he wrote to the Emperour, that AU being in confufion, and Cyril and Memnon fortifying thernfelves, he fummoned themall to come to him; And lef they fhould fall together by the ears, (which hefeared, by reafon of their frame fiercenefs) he orderedtheir corning in fo, that it might not bepromifcuouf- lye Neílorius and John of Antioch beingcomefirft, Cyril andhis company (ex- cept Memnon) camenext andprefently a great tumult andfir began, Cyril's Party fling, that the r ht ofNeftorius, whom they haddepofed, was not to be endured : They would have the Scripture read: But thofe that favoured Cyril, fetid, that the Divine and terrible Scriptures were not to be read without Cyril, nor while Nefto ins and the Oriental Bithops were prefent ; andfor this there was a Sedition, yea, a War, and Eight : The fame Paid the &flops that were with j ei n,, that Cyril oe'ebt not to be prefeet at the Readingof the Scriptures, he and 1\ en;nae being cbp-'fcd : 7be daybeing far fpent thus, he attempted, excluding Cyril and e.ft_orus, to read the Empereurs Orders to the ref ; But Cyril's Party wredee not hear them, becaufe they fetid Cyril and Memnon were unlanfully de- p fed: He htdnttst ?: a-do to per,?iv',do them at tail, (and ir-al! ad thrufins?out Neno