Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

parated the Lords Day for holy worfhip, when the Chriflian World bath ufcd all thefe publickly in all places everfince, anlldodl ll life them And fo that Temples were built for holyworfhip, and endowed, when we Rill fee andpoffcfs them. VI. That Hiftory is credible which confentingly fpeaketh agáinfl the known intereli of the Author; for mans corrupt nature is apter to falfe boafting, than to falle Confeffions of Sin ; againft a Confeffor there needs noWitneffes : And this is much of the credibility of the harlhér part of the Church-Hiftory which I here recite } What I fay of the finifcarriages of Bifhops and Councils, ismoftly in their own words; and what I fay againft Popes, is but the recital of what is laid by the greateft D.fenders or Flat- terers of Popes : I give-you- sad Reportsagainft the pride, contentions and. corruptions of Patriarchs and Prelates, out of the fuppofed Hereticks, or Proteftants ; I give you not a word out of Luther (who de Conciliis) hath verymuch ; and efpecially fpeaketh much like as I heredo of Cyril and Nefforius ; nor out of Illyricus his Catalogua `IefliumVeritatis, nor out of the Magdeburgenfes, Ofiander,Sleidan , Carien, Melanlibon, Mornay's Myflery of Iniquity, no not out of the Colle&ions of Goldaftus,Marquardoes, Freherus, ?tuberus, Piflcrius, &c. But the fubfiance of the common Hiftory is taken out of the commonly received Church-Hiftorians (Eufebius, Socrates, Sozo- eene, Cafodarus, Theodorite, Faefnus, Ev.ogrius, Nazianzen, Hieraus, Villar, Nicephorur, Leberatus, Mcetas, and fuch others; and the fam of the Coun- cils and Popes is out of Baranius, Anaflafius, but mot"( outof Binnius,and Pla- tina, and }Eneaa Sylvius (a Pope,) Petardee, and filch other as are the greateft Papal Zealots: When theft fpeak for their Calife, I leave you to guff fufpition ; but when they fpeak againfl it, by way of confellìon or la- mentation, they are not to be fitfpeded. VIL The next degree of credibility dependethon theVeracity or credi- ble titnefs of the Reporter ; force men are much more credible thanothers; For infiance. a. One that was upan the place, and fans what was done, or- lived near, where he had full information, is (ceteris paribus) more credible than one that followeth uncertain reports, or hear-fay. 2. Awife man is much more credible than a proud felt-conceited Confi- dent Fool, 3. One that bathmade a matter his long and hard ftudy, is (c.eterispari- bus) more to be believed in that matter, than many ignorant men. 4. One that is impartial, a lover öf peace, and not ingaged by faction or interelt toone fideagainfi the other, is ceteris paribus much more credible than a falrious intcrefted man. g. A lober, calm, confiderate man, that will flay and try before he judg- eth is more credible than a paffionate or haft judger. 6. A man of manifet.i honely, confidence, and the far of God, is much more to be believed than a worldly, wicked, bloody, unconfcionable 7. Catene