Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

92 Church-Hifiory ofBithops and Cyril faith that Neflorius was the Difciple of Madams Tarfenfis front whom he Iearnt his Herefie, Epifl. ad Succef. and that he was the hearer ofTheodorusMopfueff condemned inCouncil, for the fame Herefie as NO_ riva. But faith Deroden, Facundtss tote lib. 4. largely proveth that Died. Tar_ fenfis was Orthodox by the teftimoniesof Athanafiess, 34111, Chryfoflome, Epi- Premius, d-c. Et lib.;. & 9. he proveth the fame of Theod. Mepfueft. citing the places where he afferteth two Naturesin one Perfon, Vid. Facund.1. ;.c.a. CS. 1.9.c. ;.i& 4. And Libsratus its Brevior. c. to. faith : Diod. rarfenfis Cc Theod. Mopfueft. & alii E ifcopi contra Eunomium r Apollinarem units: Nature af- fertoreslibros compofuerunt, diem inChriflooflendcntes natural in uná perfonâ : ibid. Duo, Joh. Antiocheni Epiflolas, primamd- tertiam, laudes Theod. Mop.. fueft. continentes Chalced. Synodus Oecumenica per relationene foam Martian. Imperatori diretlam, fufeepit Cr cenfyrmavit. S. 16. Byall this it is evident that Ne(torius was Orthodox ; and own. ed twoNatures in onePerlon : And that the Controverfie was de nomine, unlefs Cyril was anEutychian. And that it is a more accurate cautelous Speech a forma' to fay that God did not increafe, hunger, die, rife, &c. than to fay Goddid thefe; becaufe it feemeth to intimate that Chrift did fairer thefe, qua Dear, As God, which is blafphemy. But that it is a true fpeech that Goddidfufrer thefe, meaning not quit Deus, butChriflus qui Deal: and that oneSyllable ofdiftinftionbetween quá and qui might have faved thefeCouncils theirodious Contentions and Fighting, and the Churches for many Ages the Convulfions, Diftraiiions and mutual Condemna- tions that followed, and the Papifts the odious violation of Chriftian Charity and Peace in calling the Eaftern Followers ofNeflorius, Neftorian Hereticks to this day. Judge how much the Worldwas beholden to Cyril, CaleFline, and this Council. S. 7.Obj.By this you make the Bithops and Councilsto be all Fools,that know not what they do, and to be the very plagues and Jhame of humane nature, that would kindle filch a flame not yet quenched about nothing. Anfw. r. If we muftmeafure, fielero per perfonas, yea, judge of matter ofFart by refpeft of perlons, judge fo by the Councils at Ariminum, Syr_ :*slum, Milan, Tyreallo; Judge fo by the Second Council of Elhefus, and abundance fuch : How Ihall we know which of them fo to judge sb ? 2. Good men have foul Vices : Faction, and Contention, and Pride, ',rave undeniably troubled the Churches: When Concil. Carthag. 6. forbad Bifhops to read theBooks ofGentiles, it is no wonder that the nu:^bte of Learned Bithops was fmall; And when no Bifhop was to be removed from place to place, but all Bifhops made out of an Inferiour degree, ufually of the fame Parifh; Yea, and when Academic:: ce fo rate,, it is paft doubt that Learned Bifhops were rare: Whe:i eVeëlariits mutt be the great Patriarch, that was yet no Chriftian, and when Synefius, becaufe he had Philofophical knowledge, is chofenEifhop, even before he believed theRef rreftion; When they were firth; as credible Nazianzene, I/ido,e rdujota, and long after 5alvien defcribes. It isnot 1, but hefe knowing W itneffes,,