Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

96 Church-Hijlory of Whops and Pope Sixtus from an accufationof one Baffin, of ravifhinga Lion. f. 25. CXV. There istalk of a Council at Rome to dear one Pofyebroniut Bithop of7erufalem, of accufations offSimony : But contradiftions make this (and theformer) to bealtogether uncertain. S. 26. CXVI. The Armeniansin Council are faid to condemn Neflorian Books. f. 27. CXVII. A Council was held atConflant. to decide the Controver_ fie between the AlexandrianandConffant.Bifhops, which lhould be greateft, andrule the Eait; whereit was carriedforConflant. AndTheodoret pleading forAntioch, Diofcorus (the Alex. Agent) hated him ever after, (as he faith Epifl. 86.) S. 2.8. CXVIII. 41.439. ACouncil atRegienfe of 13 Bifhops did fome_ what about Ordinations, &c. KIP 5. 29. About this timeLeo at Rome wasfain to forbid bowing toward the Faff, becaufe the Manichees joyned among them, and bowed to theSun, and couldnot be elfediftinguithed from the Orthodox, Bin. de Leone. f. 30. CXIX. ACouncil atAranfican repeated forceolddifciplinaryCa- nons. f. 3 I. CXX. Leo heldaCouncil at Rowe ofBithops, Priefts, and Laymen, to dete&rthe wickednefs of the Manichees, and warnmen toavoid them. f. 32. CXXI. An. 445. Leoheld a Council at Rome againtt Hilary Bi. chop ofArles, for difobedience to his Decrees. S. 3 3. CXXII. A Council called General in Spain, recited the Profeffi. onof Faith againft the Prifcillianiffs. CHAP