Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged. 99 -cure againft Nefforius, that he thought it levity to pull down all fo foon again, the Eutychians perfwading him that they (tuck to Cyril and the E- phefne and Nice:e Council. Diofcorus thinking the fame, that Entiches and Cyril were of one mind, and that it was Neflorianifine which they were againft, carried matters in thisSynod as violently as Cyril had done in the former. The Bishops perceiving the Emperours, the Courtiers, and Di- ofcorus mind, could not refilt the ftronger fide. The Bifhopof Rome was commanded by the Emperour to heprefent. He fent his Legates; with his Judgment in Writing of the Cause. The Emperour forbadthofe to beSpeakers that had before judged Eutyches. The RomanLegates excepted that Diofcorus prefided: (lt feemeth the Eaflern Empire and Church, then believed not that the Popes precedency was ¡are diving.) Diofcorus de- ciareth, that the Council wasnot called to decide any matter of Faith, but to judge of the proceedings of Flavianus agai:aft Eutyches. The Alts of the Confiant. Synod (after the Emperours Letters) being read, Eutyches is abfolved : Doman, Patriarch of .Antioch, 3uvenal , Patriarch of Yam falem, the BithopofEphefas, and the refs, fubfcribed the abfolution, (which after they Paid they did for fear, when another Emperour changed the Scene.) This being done, the Alts of the former Ephef. Council were read, andall Excommunicate that did not approve them. (So that this Council of Eutychians thought verily the former was of their mind.) Four Bifhops, Flavianus, Eufebius, Dory!, Ibao Edel, and Theodoret Cyri, are condemned and depofed : All theBifbops fubfcribed except the Popes Le- gates ; fo that, faith Birmius, In hoc tam horrendo Epifcoporum fuffragio, fo- la navilula Petri incolnmis eanergens falvatur, p. 101 7. Judge by this, Firlt, WhetherCouncilsmay erre, Secondly, Whether theyare the juft Judges or Keepersof Tradition, Thirdly, Whether all the World always believ- ed the Popes Infallibility, or Governing power over them, when all that Council voted contrary to him. Flavianus here offering his appeal, was beaten and abufed, and dyed of the hurt, (as was Paid in Conci!. Calced. and by Liberatus.) But this was no quenching, but akindlingof the fire ofEpifcopal Contentions : Theo - dofins miffed of his end. §. Io. CXXVI. Leo at Rome in a Synod condemneth this Ephefîan Council. 5. t r. CXXVII. Diofcorus in a Council at Alexandria, Excommuni° cateth Leo. 5. 12. CXXVIII. Theodofus the Emperour being dead, Martian was againft the Eutychians: Anatoliaas at a Synod at Confantinople, maketh an Orthodox Profeflïon of his Faith, likeLeo's. §. 13. CXXIX. And at Milan a Council owneth Leo's judgment. §. is.. CXXX. Now cometh the great Council at Calcedon, under the new Emperour Martian, whereall is changed for a time ; Yet Pulcheria who marryed him and made him Emperour, and whole power then was great, was the fame that before had been againft Nrtorsns in ber Bro- . 0 2 thers,