Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged. tos and of Flavianas, Dommu, Eufebists, and Theodoret, as AVlorianHereticks, depofing all of their mind, forbidding any upon pain of Confifcation to receive them, and commanding that none read the Books of Neflorites or Theodorct, but bring them forth to be burnt, &c. So far could fierce and factious Prelates prevail with a pious and peaceable Prince, by thepre- tences of oppofing Herefie and Schifm. Martian made Laws alfo clean contrary for the jufhfying of themen before condemned. s. 2e4. In the fifth Attton theEgyptian Bithops Petition was read (who were accountedEutychians, adhering to Diofcorus :) They profetfed their adherence to theCouncil of Nice and Ephefus t. and to Athanafatu, Theo- phiw, and Cyril. The Bithops cryed out, Why do they not curie the opinion of Eotiches? They offer us their Petition in impofture : They would delude us, and fo depart. Let them curieEutyches and his Opini- on, and content to Leo's Epiftle. While they cryed out to them to curie Eutyches, they anfwered (by Hieracue,) If any, whether Eutyches, or any other, hold contrary to the things contained in our Profefon (the Nicene and Ephef. Councils) let him be accurfed. But for Leo's Epifile, we muff not go before the fentence of our Archbifhop (of Alexandria;) for we follow him in all things : The Council of Nice ordered that the Bifhops of Egypt do nothing without him. Eufebius Doryl. Paid, They lie. Others bid them prove it. Other Bithops cryedout, openly curfe the opinion of Eutyches : He that fubfcribeth not Leo's Epifile to whichall the holy Synod confeneeth is aHeretick: Anathema to Diofcorus, and to them that love him: How (hall they chufe them aBifhep (inftead of Diofeorus) if they judge not right themfelves : The Egyptian Bi- lhops faid, The queflien is about Faith, (not men:) 'But they cryedout fo long, Curfe Eutyches or you are Heretick?, that at last the Egyptians faid, [Anathema to Eutyches and to them that believe him,] The Bithops cryed to them [Subfcribe Leo's Epiffle, elfeyou are Heretickj : The Egyptian Bithops anfwered, Wecannot fubfcribe without the will of our Archbilhop. Some Paid, 611 the Synod mull not attend for one man: They that at, Ephefus dJurbed all things, would here dofo too: we defire that this may not be granted them, but they may confent to the Epifile, or receive a Canonical damnation , and kúlow that they areExcommunicate. Photius Bifhop of Tyre faid , How endeavour they to ordain (their Arch-Bifhop) whoare not ofthefame mindwith the Synod? If they think,rightly let them fubfcribe the Epifile, or be Excommunicate. The Bithops cryed, Weare allof this mind. TheEgyptian Bithops laid, Wecame not hither without a jufi profeffion of our Faith. But (as to Leo's Epiftle) we are but few (r 2 Bishops) and the Bishops of our Country are very many, and we cannotgave you all their minds, or reprefent their perfons : We befeech this holy Synod to have mercy onus, (There is no mercy where the Bishopof Rome is concerned) anddo but flay till we have an Arch_biflaop, that according to the ancient Cufiome of earCountry, we may follow his judgment : For if webreak pre fumptiouíly the the. Canons andCtefiome, anddo any thing without his will, all the Regions of Egypt willrife up againfl us ; therefore have mercy an ourage: have mercy onus, and put us not to end our life in banifl,ment. The fame Egyptian P Bifbops et1