Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

i oS Chzlrch-Hiftory of BiJhops and Bithops call down themfelves on theEarth, and faid, Tou are merciful men, have mercy on us : Cecropius Bithop of Sebafl. faid, The whole Synod is Greater and worthierof credit, than the Country of Egypt. It is notjtJt that ten Here_ tick? beheard, and tzoo Bithops be pall by: We bid them not Jhew their Faith for others but themfelves. The Bithops of Egypt cryed, Then we cannot dwell in the Province ; Have mercy on us: Eufebius Dor. faid, They are procura. torsfor the refl. : The Popes Legate faid, If they erre, let them be taught by the magnificenceof your footfleps, &w, The Egyptians cryed, We arekilled; Have mercy on us : The Bithops all faid, Tow fee what aTeflimony they give of their Bifhops, faying, we arekilled there : The Egyptian Bithops cryed, We die byyour footfleps : have piety onus, and let as die by you, andnot there. Let but anArchbithop here be made, andwe fiibfcribe and confent, Have mercy on our greyhairs. Give us an Archbifhop here: Anatolius knoweth that it is the Cuflem of our Countrey that all the Bijhops obey the Archbifhop : Not that we obey not the Synod, but we are killed there its our Country : Have mercy on us ; Youhave thepower; We are fubjea`ls; We refufe not. We had rather die by the Lordof the World (theEmperour) or byyour magnificence, or by thisholy Synod, than there. For Gods fake havepity on thefegrey hairs ; jbare ten men: We die there : It is better die here. All themote Reverend Bifhops cryed out, Thefe are Heretick. TheEgyptian Bifhops faid, Ton havepower on our lives; fiare ten men; Lords are Merciful: Anatolius knoweth the Cuflome; We are here tillan Archbifhop be chofen: If they would have our Seats, let them take them: We arenot willing to be Bifhops : Only let us not die. Give its an Archbifhop, and ifwegainfay, punijh eu : We confentto thefe things whichyour power bath decreed; We contradillnot ; but choofe us anArchbifhop : We here flay till it'sdone: All the molt ReverendBithops clamoured, Let them fubfcribe to the damnation of Diofcorus. Thus the poor Egyptian Bithops that had the upper hand under Meade- fists, were in a ftreight between the mercilefs Bifhops in the Synod (that had lately at Ephefus joyned with them) and the furious Bifhops and peo- ple of their own Country that would have killed them when they came home (too common a Cafe at Alexandria.) But when all their dejefed cryes and begging could get no mercy from the Bithops, theLay Judges hadfome, and moved that they may be made flay in the Town till their Archbifhop was chofen (ofwhom you íhall hear fad work anon.) The Popes Legate requefted, That if they would needs Phew them any humanity, they Ahould take fureties ofthem, not to goout of the City, till they had an Arch-bi- fhap. And fo it was ended. §.zg.The next bufinefs was with the Abbots of the Monks : They had pe- titionedMarrian,that aGeneral Council might be called,toend their lamen- table broils,and that withoutturbations,forcedfubfcriptions orperfecutions by the fecret contrivances of the Clergy, and caking men out before duejudgment. And they gave in a profeffion of their Faith, and petitioned that Diofcorus might be called, becaufe the Emperour had promifed them that nothing but the Nicene Faith fhould be impofed. which he. profefl'ed: The Bifhops