Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged. z i z " lefs Corps, and divided his Parts, andfpared nos to tali his Entrails with their "Teeth like Dogs ; whom they fhould have thought the mediatour of God and "Man ; and caging the refl ofhis Body into the Fire, they fcattercd his Ajthes " into the Wind, tranfcending the fiercenefs of all Beafls : And the Archite5 of " all this was (their new Btlhop) Timothy ; firft an Adulterer (taking ano- " thers Church) and then a Murderer, doing it in a manner aswith his own " r hands, in that he bid others do it : This man rileth the Alexandrian "Church, and going on doth worfe. This is in the Epiftle to the Emperour Leo ; The like theywrite in ano- Bln.p , 5 T. ther to Anatolius, adding, "that he Anathematized the Council Of Calce- " don and all that communicate with it, and received none that rceive it, till " they renounce it. S. 35. On the other fide Bill-lop Timothy's Adherents wrote to Leo in praife of their new Bifhop, profeffing the Nicene Faith, and declaring what great Concord and Peace their City now had, and craving the Em- perours approbation of him. §. 36. In Palefline alfo the fame Fire kindled : The Monks that had been at Calceden returned lamenting that the Nicene Faith was there betrayed, and ftirred up their Fraternity to refcind the Afts; They got together and expelled yuvenal Bifhop of ferufalem, as a Traytor to the Catholick Faith and a Changer. The Emprefs Eudocia) faith Nicephorus) took their part; and ltrengthned them ; At Schythopolis they killed Severianus the Bifhop, they compelled men to joyn and communicate with them. At 7e- rufalem they killedAthanafius a Deacon for contradiaing them, and gave Nice) 1. his Flelh to Dogs. Dorothetis the Emperous Lieutenant would have kept 5 , tg. the Peace, and they compelled him to joyn with them : But after twenty moneths uvenal was reftored. Thus in many Countreys the War went on ; And they that knew not the Arcana Imperii thought all thiswas done. by Bifhops and Monks: But the truth is EudociaTheodofius's Widow, and PulcheriaTheodofius's Sifter and Martian's Wife, were of two fides : And Women had great power with Emperours, and confequently with Bi- fhops : But at latt Pulcheria procured the converfion of Eudocia to her fide, and then the owned the Council, and then others owned it. This was in-Martians days. S. 37. The great number of Letters fent from the Bifhops to Leo when he was made Emperour, which were fent in anfwer to his own to them, engaged him the more for the Council Party, and againft Timothy vElu- rus : He depofed him and put Timothy Salophaciolus in his place : But the Citywas all in confufionbetween the two Timorhies, Bifhops. The Egyptian meeph. 1. Bifhops write to the Emperour against Timothy and Eutychians. The Em- 15.e. 1 , perour fends forth his circular Letters, commanding all to own the Calce.. 009, don Council- At Antioch Petrus Cnapheus ambitious of the Archbifhoprick got into Martyrius place; by Zeno's help : And thinking they were (till managing only the Controverte againft the Nefloriann, and taking the Orthodox for Neflorian Hereticks, all were accurfed in Anathema's. that