Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

Ito Church-Hiffory of Bifhops and chians; Thefecryed up the Sufficiency ofthe Nicene Councils Faith, as that which they were baptized into, and would have no addition nor diminu- tion ; andcondemned the Calcedon Council, and excommunicated and de- pofed thofe that would not Anathematize it : Thofe that were againft them they called Neflorians. On the other party were thofe that had cleaved to Neflorius by name, and had been perfecuted for his Caufe ; And thefe were a feparate Body, and cryed down the other as Eutychians. Thofe calledOrthodox or Catholick! cryeddown Neflorians and Eutychi- ans by name, indeed defending the fame Poftrine as Neflorius, except as to the fitnefs ofthe word asàlous And the chief ofNefterius his firft ad- herents perceiving that indeed they were of one judgment, united with thefe againft the Eutychians. 1 have (hewed that all of them feemed to make all this ftir but about force Words which one party took in one fenfe and the other in another. For thefe words the Bithops caft the Chriftian World into confufion,deftroyed Love and Unity under apretence ofkeep- ing the Faith ; fo thatthe Church was lamentably militant ; Bithops againft Bithops, in continual enimity and rage. The Emperours at theirwits end not knowing how to end the Ecclefiaftical odious Wars : And the Hea- thens hardened and deriding them all and their Religion. §. 3 3. When the Council was ended, and Proterius made Bifhop ofA- lexandria in Diofcorus Read, the City was in fo great difcontent that the Emperour Martian was fain to fend a Lay-man to mollifie them ; for they would not endure a Calcedonian Bifhop : They fet more by Diofcorus than before (fo that Binnitts incredibly faith, they offered him Divine Ho- nour. 4. 34. It was not long till Martian dyed, and then they let the World know that it was Emperours and not Popes or Councils that they regarded. They thought then theymight thew their minds, and what they didLibera- tus in Breviario, Evagritts, Nicephorus and others tells us at large : But I will give it you in the words of the Egyptian Bithops which conformed to the Council, Bin. p. 47. One Timothy Eames of Diofcorus Party who had gathered feparated Congregations before, lince the Council of Calcedon, got Tome Bithops of his own Party to make himArchbifhop : The people loon chewed their minds though it depofed their Archbifhop. They let up Timothy, and he "prefently made Ordinations of Bithops and Clerks, &c. " while he thus went on, a Captain, Dionifius, came to drive him out of the City : The people rage the more againft Proterius : Hegets into the Bap- " 6111 to avoid their rage, a place reverenced even by the Barbarians and " the fierceft Men : But thefe furious people, fet on by their Bifhop Ti- , "mothy , neither reverencing the Place , the Worfhip, nor the Time, "(which was Eafier) nor the Office of PriePchood, which is aMediation be- " tween Cod and .'Wan, did dríke the blamelefs Man, and him cruelly, with "fix more ; and dragging his woundedCarkefs every where, and cruelly drawing "it about, alntof# through all theparts of the City, did mescilefly beat thefenfe- c left