Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged. I17 their prover Hiftory : They were for the Council, and they had other kind of'Contlids: The Gothsheld them inWars,and had conquered them, and Tneodorickreigned there as King, and fo they werebroken off from the Empire: Arians ruled them, who yet if Salvian fay true, did (after) fhame the Orthodox in point of Temperance, Truth, and Juftice But befidestheir following greater Schifins, this Schifm alto d d reach to them. Feflus a Roman Senator was feet by Theodorick to the Empe- roue onan Embaffie: which having done , he defired of the Emperour that Conftantinople might keep the Feftival days ofPeter and. Paid (which theydid not before) as they did at Rome ; and he prevailed : And he fe- cretly allured the Emperour, that Anafla tus' Bithop of Rome would re- ceivethe Honoticon (to fufpend the confenting to the Calcedon Council) and 'would fubfcribe it. When this Ambafladour came home the Pope was dead. To make good hisWord to the Emperour, he got a party to choofe Laurentius Pope, who would receive the. Honoticon: The People chofe Synmachus their Bithop._, And fo there were two Popes fettled, and the (edition continued three years, not withoutSlaughter, Rapines, and other Calamities: Nicephor. cap. i5. Theodorickan Arian, more righ- teous than the Popes, would not deprive themof their liberty of choice, but called a Synod, to judge which was the rightful Bithop, and upon their judgment confirmedSymmachus : But Laurentius loth to lofe theprey, ftirred up the People to Sedition, and thereupon was quite degraded. This was nbeginning of Schifms at Rome. §. 48. The Emperour at Conflantinople favouring the addition [atti crtìcifixus ell pro nabis,] the People who dilliked it, feditioufly cut off a Monks head, and vet it upon a pole, infcribing [An Enemy to the Trinity.] The Emperour overcome and wearied with their Confufions, and Or- thodox Murders and"Rebellions ; called an Aflemhly, . and oflhred to re- fign his Empire, defiring them to choofeanother : This fmote them with remorfe, and they defired him to reaflume his Crown, and promifed to forbear Sedition: But he dyed thortly after. q.9. Anno 452. Aalentinian the Roman Emperour attempteda great alteration with the , Bithops, by a Law recalling the Judicial Power ofthe Bithops in all Caufes, except thofe of Faith and Religion, unlefs the par- ties contending voluntarily chofe them for the judges. This Binniue (and the other Papifts) take for a heinous injuryto the Church. Inall mens judgment, faith Binnius, it is abfurdthat the Sheepfhould judge his Shepherd: If to day the Pretor flan] at the Tribunal of the Bithop, and to morrow the Bi.. fhop may be - called to the Pretors Bar ? That an Earthly judge may take and pun,fh the fervants of the highefl judge, and confecrated men : who will notfay that this is moft abfurd Anfw. This fheweth what Church grandure and power there men ex- pelt; If they have not the Civil power, and be not Magiftrates or Lords of all, the Church is wronged. This Clergy-pride is it that hath fet the World on fire, andwill not confent that it be quenched. a:. By