Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

z I6 Chrurch-llifory ofBijhops and fuch a means ,.as this. One Theodofaus, a Monk (or Abbot) gathering a great affembly, lowdly cryed outis the Pulpit to them. Manyman equal not r' the four Councils, with thefour Evangelifls, let him he Anathema.] This Voice oftheir Captain, refolved theMonks ; and they thenceforth took it as a Law, that the four Councils Ihould be facris libris accenfenda, added or joyned with the facred Books. And they wrote to the Emperour, [Certamen fe de eis ad fanguinem ufq, fubitures, that they would make good the Conflict for them, even toblood : ThusMonks and Bilhops then fub- mitted to Princes. Thefe Monks went about to the Cities to engage them to take their fidefor the Councils. The Emperour hearing of this; wrote tothe Bilhop Helias to reform it : He rejecteth the Emperours Let- ters, and refufeth : The Emperour fendeth Souldiers to Compel' or reft- rainthem. The Orthodox Monksthat were for the Council, gathered by theOrthodoxBifhops, tumultuoutly call the Emperours Souldiers out of the Church, Niceph. c. 34. After this, they had another Contention, and there Anathematizedthofe that adhered to Severtu. TheEmperour more provoked by'allthis, fentOlympieu with a band of Souldiers to Conquer them : Olympias came, andcafe out Bifhop Hellas, and put in Yohn. The t Monksgather again, and the Souldiers bieng gone, they come to John, and makehim engage himfelfto be againft Severa, and to Rand for the Council, though it wereuntoBlood : He yielded to theMonks, and in- gaged himfeifto the Council, and brake his Word made to Olympias. The Emperor isangry withOlympias for doing his Work no better ; and puts himout, and fendeth another Captain Anaflatias; who came and put the Bifhop 7ohn in Prifon and Commandedhim todefpifethe Council : yohnconfulting with another Bilhop craftily promifed to obey him, if he would but let hint outof Prifon, twodays before, that it mightnot Teem a forced act. Thisbeing done, the Bilhop on the contrary in the Pulpit be- fore the Captain and the People, cryeth out Ifany man affentto Eutyches, used Neftorius, (Contraries) and Severus, and Soterichus, Cafarianfis, . jet.himbeAnathema : Ifany follow not the Opinionsof the four Vniverfal Synods lethint be Anathema. TheCaptainSeeing himfeifthus deluded, fled from the Multitude and was glad to fave himfeif, the Emperour beingoffend- edmore atthis. The Bifhops write to him, that at Jerufalem the Fountain of boElrine,theywere not now tolearn the truth,and that they would defend the Tra.. ditions if need be even to blood, Niceph. io. c. 34 AtConfiantinople the Bilhop Timothy would pleafeboth fides, and pleafed neither ;; To fome hefpake for the Council, to others he Curfed it. Be- ing to make an Abbot, the Manrefuted his Eleltion, unlefs he contented to the Council ofCalcedon: Timothyprefently Curfed thofe that received not the Council. His Archdeacon hearing 'him, reproached him, that like Euripus roled everyway. The Emperour hearing it, rebuked him : And Timothy walla away the Charge, andprefently Curfed every one that received the Council, Niceph. 1. 8. c. 3 5. §. 47. But what did Rome all this while ? It were too long to recite their