Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councilsabridged. 1 2 I He fent hisperemptory Lettersto AcaciasConfl. and fometo the Emperour Zeno, by two Bithops, Mifenus and Vitalis : The Empereur took away their Letters ; and (not knowingthen the Popes Soverainty) laid them by the Heels, till he made them gladtoCommunicate with thole Bithops that theycame toCondemn : For this Felix andhis Bithops, call them out of the Epifcopal Office ; and they prefumed to excommunicate Acaciui, as afore faid, even withthis Claufe, NunquamAnathematis vinculis exuendus Never tobe abfolved from the Curfe l What no Repentance, for one that was noHeretick ! but failly fo called, forobeying the Emperour, in deal- ing gentlywith fome Eutychians; were not this Council and Pope No.. vatians? S. 59. CXXXIX. Yet Ann. 487. The fame Felix is faid in a Coun- cil of 38 Bithops, to decree Communion to the Lapfed, and Re-bap. tized, penitent Africans. S. 6o. At this time, and before in PopeLeo's time 3 fome Maniche: in Rome, wouldnot be Recufants, but Conformifts, and come toChurch, and take the Sacrament ; but they took only the Bread, andnot the Wine. Leo, Serm. 4. de Temp quitting. writeth this againft them. When to cover their Infidelity, they dare be prelimat our Myfleries, theyfo temper themfelve.e, that they may fafely lye hid, in thereceivingof the Sacrament, that they with an unworthy mouth, receiveChrifl's Body, but refufeto drink the blood ofRe- demption. Which we would have your holinefs to underfland ; that fach men may be known to youby thefe mark!: And that when their Sacrelegioutdiffimulati-' on is difcerned, beingdifcoveredthey mayby the Prieflly Authority bedriven from the Societyof the Saints. Hereupon the Pope decreed that none fhouldCam. municate,lbut in bothkinds : The Words ofthe Canondill. 2. de Confecrat. are thefe. Wefind that force taking only a portion of the holy body, abflein from the Cupof the holy blood : Becaufe Iknow not by what fuperflition they are taught tobe thus bound ; let fetch eitherreceive the whole Sacrament, or be dri- ven fromthe whole : Becaufe adivifion ofone and the famemyflery, cannot come but from heynous Sacriledge. Reader, IsRome confiantin their Religion ? And have theynoInnovations?Is notBinnius impudent in calling it foolifh tocite this Canon oftheir ownPope, againft them. Confider it and Judge. And as impudent is he, p. 232. in expounding thefe words of Gelafius. Nondefinit fubilantiavel natura penis& vini, That is, The fubflance or Na- ture of the Bread, and Wine ceafeth not : As if it fpeaks only of the fub- fiance andnature oftheAccidents : As if Accidents had fubflance, andNature oftheir own : What words, whatevidence canbe fo plainas to convince fuch men. S. 6 c. Among the Epiftlesof Gelafiüs; one is to Luphemius Bithop of .Rnd more Conflanrinople, denying himCommunion, till he put the name of Acaciue largely,Ep. out oft heDypticks, both of them being Orthodox ; only becaufe Acacias ' 3:'eeaod a- pj. p. Communi rardainxj