Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

122 Church-Hifioryof Bifhops and Communicated with an Eutychien; even when he isdead, thofe that lab Condemn himnot muft be excommunicated ; were there ever greater fe- paratiftsthan thefe. And is it anywonderifnow the Pope feparaté from molt of the ChriftianWorld. There is alto his Commonitoriumwritten to Faunas the Embafrador of Theodorikeat Conliantinople; in whichhe infiftethon the fame way of Sepa- ration. All theworld muft be in anEcclefiaftical Epifcopal War, if they will not damn and feparate from every onethat ipeaketh anunapt word,ifa Council or Pope will but call it Herdic. But here the Papifts would haveus believe that excommunicatingin thofe days was ap roof offuperiority : But Gelafiut himfelf here tells them o- therwife. Itwas objeEtedagainft himbyEuphemicss Confiant. Thatone manmay not excommunicateAcacias aPatriarch. Andheanfweretb, s. That itwas the act of many; that is, of the Council which condemned the Eutychians in general. But is this good Law, or Divinity ? Isevery offender condemn- ed, ipfojure, beforehis perfonal guilt is Judged ? Becaufe the Law con.. - demneth all Thieves, may every man Judge, and - hang - them. Acacia: is confelred to be no Eutychian, but to have obeyed his Prince, inCommuni.. cating withone : Euphemismwas noEutychtan, but would not difobey his Prince at the *Popes command, by blotting out Acacias Name. But his Second Anfwer is, .Q.upd non folum .Prafuli Apeflolico facere licet, fed Cui- cunq;, Pontifici ut quoslibet quemlibet locum, fecundam regulam barefeos ipfius ante damnata, .. a Catholics Communion difcernant. That is, It is Lawful not only toanApóflolical Prelate, but to any Bifhop to excludefromCatholick Commu- nion; any Perfons, andanyplace, according to the. Ruleofhis fire-damnedHe- ef:e.. And accordingly, others have excommunicated the Pope, and lower Prelates have ExcommunicatedPatriarchs ; and the lower. Patri- archs the higher : Excommunication, as it is an Ad of Government, is done only by a Governour : But as all Chriftians are commanded to avoid fcandalous Chriftians, fo in theirfeveral places they may pradtice this, the guilt beingproved,. I maytell him that I have no rule over, I willhave no Communion with you But I cannot thereby oblige all others. to do the like. This Gelafias alle oft (Epift. "ad Anaflaf. Imperat. &c.) fetteth up the Prieft above the Prince, asGods Laws are abovemans : As if Kings were were not toGovernbyGods Laws ? and as ifthe Bithops Canons were not mansLaws. (if they be Laws.) 4. asz. CXL. It's faid that 70 Bithops at. Romeunder Celafus determin- ed of the Canonofthe Scripture,and altoof accepted and rejefted Books. In the Canon theyput a Book called Ordo Hifloriarum ; with one Book of Tobias, one of 7udith, one of the Maccabees, Nehemias is left out. Among the approvedBooks the Epiftle of Leo toFlavian Con[1. is thus impofed, [The Text whereof if any man _ball difpute, even to one iota (or tittle) and - Both not venerably receive it in. all .things, let himbe accurfeda Amultitude. of