Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

I 26 Church-Hiiory of Bithops and Hobos fpeaks.) The (even men. made Canons, that the fame Liturgy Ihouldbe ufed in the other Churches of that Province as were ufed in the MetropolitanChurch. (For formerly every Bifhop in his own Church did pray as he thought belt, without Impofed or agreed Uniformity of many Churches, much lets of all in a Nation.) They Decree alfo that Litanies be ufed on the Kalends of November. A Litany then figni- fied a folemn fupplicating of God by the People Affembled, Fafting, Walking, Singing, and Praying, as is ufed here in the Rogation Week: fometime they walked to the Memorial of fame Martyr, fometime a- bout the ftreets, oft bare-foot, continuing it with Fafting for cer- tain times. The Laft Canon is, That the Priefis fay the Lords Prayer twice a Day, Morning and Evening. (That was a, Ilion Liturgy.) S. 74 CL. When 7tiflin was made Emperour, the Bithops turned in the Eat'', and down _went the Eutychians, and a Synod of 4o Bifhops at.Conflantinople refolved, that the Names of Euphemias and Macedonias thould be reftored into theDyptick (their Book of life) and that Seve- rxa 'horrid be condemned with iris Adherents, 4. 75. The Cafe bathbeen oftintimated before ; In thole times when all the Empire was in confufion between Eatychians, and the Orthodox, and tome Emperours took one fide, and fome the other, and fome in vain endeavouredpeace : The Churchesof Antioch and Alexandria were moreEutychian than Conflantinople, though the Emperour thatfavoured the Eatychians were prefent : Acacias was Orthodox, but pleafed the Empe- rour fo far as to Communicate with, or not 'curie and excommunicate the Bilhops of Antioch and Alexandria. For this, as youhave oft heard, the Pope Excommunicated him, and he fo dyed (having done as much for the Pope.) Eaphemias and Macedonias that fucceeded were both Or.. thodox, and commanded by the Emperour to Communicate with the Ea- rychians, and perfecuted, and bothcan out by him, for not obeying him, as is before defcribed in that and another filch matter : The Pope had required them to blot Acacias name out of the Dyptick: The Court, Clergy, and People were againft it, thinking it arrogancy in one man, to Excommunicate the Patriarch of the Imperial City that was Ortho- dox, upon his perfonal revengeor quarrel: Theyobeyed not the Pope : The Pope is againft them for not curfing a dead Orthodox Bifhop A- cacias : The Emperour was againft them for being againft the Euty- chians, as the Pope was for not being more againft both themi, and all that did not curie them as much as he did. Were not thefe Bithops in a hard cafe ? Both agree to their extirpation, and when they were dead to damn their names : But the Clergy and People agreed not. The Eagern and Wefiern Churches were hereb divided. (thatrs, Confiantinople and Rome.) Is not the Chriftian World beholden to fuch Tyrants and proud pretenders for its diffractions and calamities? That will rather divide the Chriftian World, than endurethe names of Orthò-