Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their; Councils abridged. 127 Orthodox perfecuted Bifhops to be honoured when they are dead, be- caufe they would not blot out and abhor the nameof another deadOr. thodox,Bifbop their Predeceflour, when the Pope turfed him for Com- municating with an Eutychian. I know the Papifts will cry up, Thepre- fervation of the Faith- and Purity; But if ever any did overdo the Pha- rifees, that reproved Chrift for eating with Publicans and Sinners : If ever anybecame Plagues of the World, by beingWife, Orthodox; and Righ. teens overmuch, and made ufe of the name of Faith, to deftroy Faith, Love, Humanity, and Peace, and cryed up the Church, and 'Unity, asCa-' tholicks, to deftroy the Church and Unity, and crumble it intoSects and Factions ; it is certainly thefe men. But the Lai and Weft that thus began their feparation by the fpirit of Pride and Envy that Rome had againft the growing greatnefs of Con- ßantinople, continue their Di.vifion to this day ; And it bathbeen no (mall caufe of the ruin of the Empire and the Chriftian Caufe, anddelivering all up to the Mahometans : Which the good Pope feemed to judg more tolerable (with all the ftreams of Blood that went before and after) than that he fhould not have his will upon an Orthodoxdead mans name. Sure fiat yuftitia d. twat Calm, was devifed by thefe precife,over-righ- teous Popes! S. 76. Evagrisea (lib. 3.) faith, that 7alin came to the Empire as fol- láweth : Amanrius was one of the Greateft men, but uncapableof the Empire, becaufe he was an Eunuch: He gave a great fum of Money to 7uFtine, tohire the Souldiers to choofe Theocritus, his bofom friend: tsine with that Money hired them to choofe himfelf, and quieted Amantius and Theocritus, by murdering them both. And becaufe Vira- lianas (that had ufurped and laid down,) was then great, he drew him in to be a Commander near him, and fo got him killed. But he be- cometh Orthodox, and faith Rinnius, p: 374. The great Patron and De= fender of the Catholicks, by the fingular favour of God obtained the Empire. So zealous was he, that he caufed the tongue of Severas the Eutychian, Archbifhop of Antioch, to be pulled out of his head, for curling fo oft rya the Councilof Calcedon, andfuch like things. Paulus fucceeded him and cap r. dyed, and Euphrafseo fucceeded him, who was buried in the ruines of the City, it being tali to the ground by a terrible Earthquake, and the remnant burnt with fire from Heaven, in the lightning that went with the Earthquake. But Esephremius Lieutenant of the Erg, did fo rvagr.1.6. charitably relieve the People , that in reward they chofe him for their `21'.6- Bifhop. Reader, Was not a Bifhoprick then grown a confiderable pre- ferment, when the Emperours Lieutenant of the Eaß took it for fuch, even to be Bithop of a City that lay on heapes ? j..77. CLI., Things beingnowon the turn, a Synod at lerufalem votes up the Council of Calcedoar, and cry down Severos. f.' 7R,