Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged, 131 §. 9 3. CLVII. A fecondConcilliuin Aranftcanum Condemned Semepelagi_ anifine, propagated by Pau/irisBishop of Rhegrim, after Prof)). who had been of the contrary mind. § 94. CLVIII_ A Concilium Vafenfe of ten Bishops, decreed that P. rüh Prieft fhouldbreed up young Readers, who may marry at age ; that the parish Prieltsfhall preach,or in their abfence,theDeacon read aSermon: That Lordhave mercy on us beoften laid : That Holy, Holy, Holy, be oft laid: That, As it was in the beginning, &c. be oft iàid. §. 95, CLIX. A Synod of ró Bilhops at Carpentorafte decreed that the Bilbop of the City Ihould not take all the CountreyParish maintenance to himfelf. §, qh. CLX. As Faliat was chofen Pope by T'heodorick; fo Athalarieas claiming thefame power, chofe after him Boniface the fecond : An Arri- anHeretickmade the Pope : Others not willing ofthe Kings Choice,chofe Diofcorus ; fo there are two Popes : But Diofcorus quickly dyeth ; and Boniface Condemneth himwhen he is dead, on force pretence of money matters, as Simoniacal ; and calling a Synod, appointeth Virgilius aDea- con, his Succeflor. After hecallethanother Synod,to undo this Choice, upon his Repentance; and fhortly after dyeth himfelf. Agapetus that fol- lowed him, abfolveth the dead man Diofcorus, whom Boniface Curled; fuchwork did Church Curlingthen make, as theEngine ofAmbition. 5.97. CLXI. A Councilof 8 Bifhops at Toletane, faid fomewhat again to keep Whops fromWomen, and from giving their Lands from the Church. §, 93. CLXII. johnwas put by 7uflinian, tocall a Council at Rome on anodd creation (which fheweth what it was that Bishops then divided the the Worldabout) In the days of P. Hormifda, there was a Controverte (de nomine) whether itmight be laid: One of the Trinitywas Crucified : Her- mifda declared againft it,becaufe they that were for it,were fuípec`ted of Eu- tychianifine, (and condemned after) But the Neftorians laid hold of this, and laid: If we may not fay that one in the Trinity was Crucified ; then we may not fay : Mari was the Parent of one in the Trinity : 714flinian Pent about o this to yohn; and he and his Synod laid contrary to Hormifda : That we may fay, that one of the Trinitywas Crucified. Doth not this plainly confers thebloud and doleful divifions, caufed by Bithops and Monks for fo many Ages about Neflorianifine, and Eutychiartifine was but about a Wordwhich in one fence is true, and in another falfe; which one Pope faith, and ano- ther unfaith. WhenBinnius after Enronias hath no more to fay for eacufe of this; but that Itamatutis hofiibus arma matarineceffefuit : O for honefty : Againfl dinersEnemies we muff rife divers Weapons. But Sir may youof contra- ry af;erimos, as Aricles of Faith ? Or doyounot her_ unden,al,l ten us S