Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

13o Church-HißoryofBi. hops and CurledSeveros, anddepofedthe two Patriarchs, Anthimius of ConJtanti_ nople, and Theodefias ofAlexandria, for they were both Eutÿchians : Seve_ rus had perfwaded them rather to forfake- all worldly intereft, than the faith (as he called it.) But here I cannot fee how the Hiftorians (as Eva- grius ) will be reconciled with themfelves ; that fay, yuftin caufed Seve- ras Tongue to be pulled out ; andyet, that he afterward perfwadedAnthi- milts at Conft. unless hedid it-only bywriting. $. 88. So far was uftiniare's refolution, and power, from reconciling theBithops ofthe Empire, that he could not keepUnity, in his own Houfe or bed : For his WifeTheodora,was firm to theEutychians; andcherithed them, as he did the Orthodox, andboth with fogreat conftancy, that E- vagrius fafpe(teth theydid it politickly, by agreement, (for the peace of the Empire ) that each party might be kept in dependançe on them. S. 89. An Infurredion in Con/lantinople occafioned the killing Evag.1.4, of about thirty thoufand, faith Evagrius c. 13. out of Pro - c.7o.11. sorts. andNicep, §. 9o. About this time a miracle is fpoken of fo credibly, that I think ¿57.c7, it not unfit tomention it : F'unnerikus in Africa, beinganArian, Gothper- Seeuted theOrthodox. Bifhops, efpecially on pretences that they refu fed to fwear fidelityto him; and his Son (fay fome) Theywere forbidden to preach, and for not obeying, or for Nonconformity the Tongues of many were cut out, who they fay didfpeak freely after as before : It were hard tobe believed But three Hiftorians I have read that all pro fefs that they faw, and heard the men themfelves, viz. Tutor Vticenfis. nanoGazæas deAnima, & Procopius in Evagrius, 1. 4. c. 54. Who yet add- eth that twoofthem upon Tome finfulnefs withWomen, loft their fpeech and remained dumb. Nicephor. faith Rem cumfceminis habuiffent, ; Alas,that taairacles willnot prevent Sin. 4.9 r. In the eleventh year of Yuflinian, Athalaricus being dead, and ,Thcédatasa Kin fman fucceeding, this man loving books better tharrWar, yielded up Rome and the Crown to Bellifarius Yuflinians General ; and fo after theGothes had kept it Go years, it was relipred without a drop of blood, faith Evagrius 1.4. c. 18, But when Bellifarius went away Totilas cameand recovered Rome : And Belltfaritea returning, recovered it from the Gothes again, c. 2o. 4.92. Three feveral Countries about that time, received the Chriftian Faith, much through the Reverence of7uflinians power, viz. The Berta:, the Abafgi, and they of `lanais, Evagr c. 19. 2t. 22. But the grievous Wars and SuccefFes bfCofrocs the Perflasa in the Ealt, and a plague of fifty two years continuance, which deftroyed:a great part of mankind, took dbwcanuchöfthe Raman. Glory,, § 49.