Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

Y36 takenby the Goths, fled toConflantinople ; There he fell out with Mennas the Orthodox Patriarch (Cui Agathon Papa, quod nunquam anteafaltum eft, ma- ntis impofuit, faith Niceph. c. 9..) and eo infolentia progrej¡us eft, he grew fo infolent that he Excommunicated Menna for four Months : which fo pro- voked7uflinian, that he fentmen to apprehend him, and whenhe fled to the Altar, theydrag'dhimaway, andAnaflafsus in lib.Pontif faith, They ty- ed a rope about his neck anddrag'dhim about the ftreets till the evening, and made him glad to communicate with Menna. But at lait he was re- ftored to his Bilhoprick. §. ire. Two heinous crimes Evagrius chargeth yuftinian with : a. In= fatiable covetoufnefs and extortion. (But he ufedto do very greatgood works.) z. Encouraging Murderers (fee Evagr, 1. 4. c. 3 a.) fo that men were no where fafe, but they that killed them, as in an aft of manhood wereprotetted. S. r r r. And though he was the great Zealot for the Orthodox againit all Hereticks, hedyeda reputed H.eretick ; info much that Evagrius over boldly pronounceth, That when he had fet the whole Worldon tumults and fe- theion, andat left receivedwhat was duefor his lewdpraftices, he departed into endlefs torment preparedfor him by thejujijudgment of God, 1. g. c. i. Anar- rogant fentence. And will Orthodox Zeal for the Church do no more to fave a Soul from Hell. Churcb-Hifory of Bithops and CHAP