Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged. i77 CHAP. VII. ' Of the Controverjes de tribus.Capitulis, and the Fifth Council cal- led General, andmany other. § z. EVagrius 1.4.. c. 38. tells us, that f uflinian fell from theright Faith, af- firming, flat the Body of Chrift wac every way incorruptible ; and that he wrotean Editt, in which hefäid, That the Body of the Lord was notfub- jett to death or corruption; that it was voidof natural and unblameable.afettions, &c. whichOpinions he purpofed to compel bothPriefts and Bithops tofubferibe : but they put him off, expeeting the Opinion (not of the Pope, but ) of Anaftafius BJhop of Antioch, thenfamousfor his skill andgravity : But Anaftafius would not be moved, and Juftinian threatning to banifh hem, dyedbefore be did it, or pub. lifhed bis Editi. So hard wasit then to efcape Herefie. § z. So hot was 7uftinian in this Error, that he ejeaed Eutychius that refif . some late ed himat Conftantinople, faith Niceph.l.17. c.2.9. yulianras Halicarnaf. andGainas Hiftorians raifed this, holding that Chr's hunger,thirft and fuffering, were all immediately tell us of 'oncredi blc voluntary,and not as ours by natural neceffity.They Paid that as we all hold Cbrifts Body incorru p tible ter re f urreliion fo did the y be f ore it , et can f ab ff antial with of thé E- us. TheOrthodox diftinguithed of Corruption : gyptian z. Blamelefs Paílions of Hunger, Thirft, Wearinefs, ¿"e. a. Difholution of Chriftians the Bodies Elements. The firft they faid Chrift was fubjefr to before the Refur- whom reetion,but not after ( nor we :) The later not at all. TheHereticks that held dftroyed the contrary, were called the 4phthartodocitie , faith Ncephorees, [ Zud multi in this mortales correpti font, non folum ex eis qui honores & magiftratits geffirunt , fed blind zeal etiamHierarch. rimarü ¿' Monachi vied illuftres & ex facerdotali ordine Rlü forChrift, ut z e Im eratorJuftinianus. ] TheHereticators and Damners are divided about but I cg' pf. p no fuck 3uftinian's foul and name; ,fume place him yet in Heaven, and others in Hell, thing in If it be true that. Nscephorus faith of him , my Vote Should goagainft the the old Damners, viz. [ Nil tale de Chropropter fummurn ipfuts erga ilium amorem& Hiftorians defederium audire conftituerit : Princeps etenim e tanto inChrifium pieeatis ardore was gtoo t flágraf, ab eia qui res illiszs memorise pofteritati mandarunt, dicitar,quanto alias, bad. qus ante earn .imperium obtinuerunt,nemo, termaximo, ills Conflantino femper ex- cepts : Itaqueproper vehementem in Chrifium amorem illine gratiá multa etiam violenterfeat, &c. And if it came from vehement love to Chrift, all I will fay is, z. Let him that is without Error, be the firft in damning him. t. But it was juft with God to leave him to be numbered with Hereticks, who was fo . blindly zealous in executing theSentences of Hereticating Prelates : ( The Cafe of Neflorias, and many others before.) *§ 3. In his,time the Indian4uxumices turned to Chrift, and J ufinian joyful- ly lent thema Bithop. And I take it for more difhonour to theBifnops than to him, that 'Jìcephoruc A a faith,