Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

'178 Chur<b- flory of bops -and faith, c. 32. [ InPontifices quos admodum de Sodomorum h eref infanire compere- rat, acerbe, feu potieas,fade, Juffinianus animadvertit: And it is noted (ibid. ) that in a Famine he commanded Flefh to be fold in Lent ; but the People would dye rather than buy it , and break their Cuffoms. 4 4. CLXVI. An.54.o. A Council of zS Bifhops at Orleance, made fame- Canons of Difëipline. The 3d Canon about Ordaining Bifnops, layeth down the old Rule, [ praponendres eit omnibus, ab omnibus eligatur , ] that is, of the Clergy and People : (The Churches yet were no greater than that all the People could join in chooling the Bithop.) The s oth Canon diflolveth inceffu- ous Marriages made after Baptifin, but not thofe made before (as if the reafòn were not the fame!) The z7thCanon finding Tome too ,ewif s in keeping the .Lord's-day, that would not ufea Horfe or Chariot to carry them, nor would dreg Meat, or do any thing to the adorningof their Houles, or themfelves, for- biddeth only proffer labours, which hinder the holy duties of theday. § g. CLXVII. The Cannes Barcinonenfes,(peakof the order of Liturgy,that _ Clerks muff cut their Beards, but not (have their Beards, and fuch like. 6. CLXVIII. (To pals the Concil. Byzazenum, ashavingnothing noted of it) Anno 5-4.1. a Coned. Arvernenfe decreed ( under King Theodebert) one Canon, which, if pra&ifed, had beenworth many Kingdoms, Ca. z. [ That no one feek the facred honour of aBifbop by Votes, but by Merits ; nor feues toget a er Divine Office, rebus, fed moribus and that he ascend to the top of that eminent dignity, by the ELECTION of ALL, and not by the FAVOR of a FEW t That in choofirg Priefts.there be the greatefiCare, becaufe they fbould be irreprehen- fible,who muff rule in correilirgothers, &c. g 7. CLXIX. An. 54.g. Another Council at Orleance under King Childebert, among other Orders, faith, Can. 3. that the Synod forbiddeth the Citizens to'cele- brate Eaffer out of theCity; becaufe they mull keep thé principal Feftivities in the prefence of the Bifhop, where the holy Affembly muff be kept. But if any have a nece ity to go abroad, let him ask leave of theBijbop. ] This Canon, and many other to the fame purpofe tell us, that then theInfidels were'ffill fo many, that a Bilhop's City-Church could all meet in his prefence in `órse place. The gth Canon decreeth, that a Bil}top !hall be ordained in his own Church which he es- o overfee ; which implieth, that then ordinarily there was but one Epifcopal Church. And indeed it was long before the Countrey meetings were any other than OratoriesorChappels that had no Altars,nor any but the Bithops Church. Much ado many Councils made tokeep Priefs and Bifhops fromWives, and to reffrain them from Fornication. § 8, CLXX. InaSynod at Conflantinople, An. 54.7. the bufinefwas debated de tribus . Capitulü. 9. Here the occafion of this fir muff be noted. One Theodortis Bifhop of Carat.. Cap. was an Eutychian, but for his skill in bufinefs, was great with the Emperor. He thought if he could but calf any flur on the Calcadon Council,it mould juffifie the:r.Catúè:. And the Emperor being fpcaking againff the Eu- tychians,.