Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

I. 3 q. EGurch-fliflory of Dijhops and " neceffäry,for the avoiding of Schifm, Sacriledgeand Scandal, that he fhould b- u li(hhis Conllitutum , in defence of the tria Capitula, by vertue whereof the "Weflern Churchesfhauld be united, and the contempt of the Calcedon Council " fhould be avoided, which the Impugners of the tria Capitula didfraudulently con- "trive; and that theUniverfal Church fhould learn by this example, that no man "that dyed in the trueFaith, (hould be condemned when he e dead : But, ( did " Vigiliusflop here ?) No,faithBinnius, [But when after the endof bar Council u the Church receivedyet greater damage, and theEmperor perfcuted them that * And " contradicted theSynod* , and it was feared that the whole Eafl wouldbe divi- would " ded and feparatedfrom the Roman and Weftern Church, unlefs the Bifhop of naIetPrtts "Rome approved thefifth Synod, thenPope Vigilius, in a Cauf which could bring havePrin- ces do fo? " noprejudice to the Orthodox Faith, did well and juftly change hisformer fen- " tence, and approved the Synodal Decree, for condemning the tria Capitula, and " revokedand made void his Confritutum, which he before publifhed in defence of " the tria Capitula. Theprudent andpious Pope ( that came to the Popedom by "Bribery, Tyranny, andMurder of his PredecefJr) did in this prudently imitate "St. Paul about Circumcifion, &c. O what certainty andconflancy is here in the Papal judgment; For a Pope about one Cauf to judge for it, againff its and for it again in fo fhort a time? And all thisupon reafonof Policy and State. Did the fame fooften change,and prove firft true, and then falle, and then true again? But the Papiftsexcufe is, that it was de Perfonic, non deFide. Anfw. But t. Is it lawfuh to. take the fame thing for true and falfe, good and bad de Perfonis, as our intereft requiretha -a.. Why are the Perlons condemned but onfuppofition that their Faith was condemnable ? .3. You:confefithat it was for the-advantage of the Eutychian Faith,:and the deprefìion of theFaith of theCalcedon Council, that the triaCapitula were condemned. Reader, If all this will not tell thee ,how much need there is of a furer and more feable fupport of our Faith than Popes and Councils, yea and bettermeans of the Churches Unity and Concord, I mufe take thee for unteachable : what- have luchCouncils done,.but let the Churches together by the ears ? § z3..Leberatus'in his Breviary faith, (c. 3. 7 o. zq..) that Theodore Mopfu. his Works were approved by Procle,s, 'Johan. Antioch. the Emperor, the Council of Calced. &c. But Binnius faith, Nimis impudenter & incaute : Yet all acknow- ledge Liberator ámoll credible Hiftorian, and lived in Jufiinian's time. He faith alíò, that Nefandemum hereticum Theodoretus&Sozomenus laudarunt aleo sat hate de causl uter ue magnam nominisfui jabluram paffiu fuerit, &c. But wife menare apt to think as hardly .of fisch as can cry out Nefandiimum hereticum againfe all that freakas unskilfully as this man did , as of charitable men that praife them for what is good, while they difown their frailties and imperfe&ions:: If it be as he faith, many thought that 7heodoret aflàmed hisown name from this Theodore, by reafon of his high efteemof him,>it's like he had tomefpecial worth, though he bath many culpable expreflìons. And Sozomen is an Hiftorian of fo deferved reputation, that it feemeth to me noargument of Pope Gregory's Infalli- bility, that.he faith, lib. 6. ep. 95'. Sozomenism ejufyue klifiorsam fidesApoflalica recipere