Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

tl;cir Councils abridged: 1.,89 at Tours; and forced BifhopGregory to give him the Sacrament.The Kingcould not get the Bithop to deliver himup ; he fled, and the King called a Synod at - Para to judge Pretextatus a Bifhop, whom he accufed for marrying him , and confederating with him. 4 45 CLXXXVI. The twoB:fhopsforenamed, Salonius and Sagittarius,being . again accufed of Adultery andMurder, and being freed byprofeiliing Repen- tance, King' Guntheramus called a Cubilene Synod, andaccufed them of Treafon,. and fo depofed and banifhed them. § 46. CLXXXVII. An. 582.. King Gunthrana called a Synod at Mafcoù,- to revive the old Canons for reftraining the Luf3 and Vices bf the Bifhops and Clergy. § 47. CLXXXVIII. An. 583. AConcil. Brcnacenfe is called, to try Gregory Bithop of Tours, falfly accufed of charging theQueen of living in Adulterywith a Bifhop ;anArchdeacon and a Deacon bore falfeWitnefs: but all came to light, and Gregory was cleared byhisOath. 4 48. CLXXXIX. An.S8j. A Council at Ccnflantinople increafed the Church- divifions which continue to this day, wherein john Bifhopof Confìantinople was decreed to be called, The Univerfal BiJhop, whichPope Pelagius could not endure: Owhat hath this Qeflion done to the World, Who. 'hall be the chief or grearefi ? So much of the image and work of Satan hathbeen found in theprofeffed Seo: vants of a crucified- Saviour, and in thofe that have woifhipped the Crofs ! In this Synod Gregory Bifhop of Antioch was tryed, and acquitted` of, a falie' Accufatipn of Inceft with his Sifter another man's wife. §49. Pelagius writeth againft 7ohn's Univerfal Title,fiying, [Univerfalita- t s nojnen quodfibi illicit? ufurpavit, nolite attendere, &c. Nullus enim Patriarcha- rum sE hoc tam profano vocabolo unquam utatur: quia fi fummus Patriarcha' Uni- W No not' verfalis dicitur, Patriarcharum nomen czeterie derogatur. Sed abfit hoc , abfit á the ko ñdelis cujufquam mente hoc fibi vet velle quempeam arripere, unde honorem fra- man. trum fuerum imminuere ex quantuldcunque parte videatur. ;' uápropter Charitas . veflra neminem unquam fuie i s Epáflolir Univerfalem nominet, ne fibi debitum' fubtrahat cum alteri honorem eff in indebituin. Adverfarius enim neflerDiábolur qui contra homilies feviensficut Leo rugiens circuit, qu erens quem devoret,non jam, ut cernimos, cassias circuit.--Omnia qui foli uni Capiti coherent, videlicet' Chrio, per eleblionempompaticifermonis ejufdem Chrifli fibi fiudeat' membra.- fiibjugare,: Nec mirum quod ille tentator qui initium omnispeccati feit ej fuperbiam, &c. And fohe goethon, exhorting them rather to dye, than to fubmit to the Title Uni, - verfal,and refolving Excommunicationagainft the Ufer of it. 5o. Binnius faith, It is ridiculous hence to impugn the Primacy of the Church : But .Zra. i. Is it not impudent after this,for them to life the Title of Univerfal ? u. a. Dothnot this allow us to-feparate from them that ufüip it ?` . 3. Doth not Pelagius here plainly diffinguífh between the place of Prime. Patriarch which, he claimeth, and Univerfal Bop or Patriarch which he . damneth. u. q Doth henot defcribe this damned Ufurpation, tobe a firbjeli. áng,allCbrss members, to himfe f? ,both not the Pope -now rife-both the narrt..,°