Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

Y 9o Church -R ory of Bijhops and name and thing as far as he canattain it? . . 6. Did not Pelápiers and Gregory know that john did romore intend to put down all other Patriarchs or Bifhops by this Title, than the Pope doth ? , e as. 7. Doth not the Pope now claim that as by DivineRight, which John claimed but asof Humane ? Modell), can deny none of this. § 51. CXC. An. 587. Nine Bifhops at Lyons repeated fix old Canons about Women, t-c. § 52. CXCI. An. 589. King Gunthram finding all things grow worfe, and that all was long of the Bopsonly, ( faith Binnius) called a Council at Maf- , cou, where the flriaer keeping of theLords-day was commanded. § 53. Here Binsuus noteth that Prifcus is calledPatriarch, and that theBithops of Venice, Iflria and Liguria, continuing í1i11 fèparatefromRome, chofe Paulinas Bithopof 4quileia their Patriarch, [ ,uem fibi loco fummi Pont f cis fupremum ntfitem conflituerent.] °Tu. Did theBifhops then believe that the Pope's Univerfal Government was efhentia,l to the Catholick Church ? And that none were theChurch but his Subje&s? § 54. CXCII. King Gunthram, An. 589. by a Council at Valence, fetled his Benevolences on the Churches. § 5S CXCIII. An. 589. At Toletum King Recaredus called a Council, and renounced Arrianifm, and recited feveral .Canons ; among others,that Bifhopsand Priefls Wives might dwell with them, but not liewith them. And they lament and condemn'the pra&ice of fuch as kill their children, appointing them (harp difcipline without capital punifhment. ( Had theChurch power to free Mur- derers from death, as they long did, Was this holy Reformation? ) The s ithCanon faith, That theyfound that in many Churches of Spain, men filthily andnot regularly didPenance, that they might fin as oft as they would, and beas oft reconciled by the Priefis, &c. Many reformingCanons were here made. There were 67 Subfcribers betides the King, and of divers Cities two Bifhops, which was unufual. § 56. CXCIV. ( Palling bya meeting at Rome) Another Council at Nar- bon was held by Recaredus, who brought over the Goths from Arrianifm. § 57. The Emperor Mauritius,though a great andexcellent perfon, was rui- ned by the mad and uncurable mutinies of his Soldiers, and at laft , with his Family, cruelly murderedbyPbocar, one of his Captains; a terrible warning to Princes not to truft too much to Armies. § y8. All this while the oppofers of the Calcedon Council kept up, and were divided in the East into many Parties among themfelves : Among others , the great Peripatetic johan.Philoponus was their moll learned Defender,writing with fuch fubtilty, that the Natures really two, were to be called One Compound Na-. cure, as theSoul and Bodyof a man are, as ( faith Nicephorus) was not eafie to , be anf.vered by which, how much of the Controverfie was de Nomine & de Notione Logics, let the Reader further judge ; ) he that will fee Tomeof his words, may read them inNrceph.1. 18. c. 4.5, 46, 4.7, 4.8. his Notions made men call 'him a Tritheite. § 59.. ,Jacobus Zanzalus being a great Promoter of theParty , many ever lince