Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

ì9 z Church-H0ory of 1r3ijiops and Another under him, An. S98. A .Concil: Oftienfe made two fuch more. An. 599. A Council at Conjtantincple did we know not what. .An. 599. Under King Recaredus,i t Bifhops at Barcinon made four Canons .againft Bithops Bribery, &c. A Council of zo Bifhops, 14/Presbyters , and 4 Deacons at Rome made a Canon for Monks. :Another there, Ap. 601. againft a falfe Monk. Another at Byzacen againft a Bifhop. Another in Numidia about a Bithop and a Deacon. § 67. Gregorydying, Sabinian fucceededhim, who reproached him,and would have had his Books burnt as unfound, faithOnuphrius : And,Faith Sigebert,Grego- ry appeared to him in a Vifion, and reproving him for that and Covetoufnefi , knockt him on the head,and he dyed. § 68. Boni ace 3d fucceeded,chòfen by Phocas the Murderer, who hating his own Bifhop offConjt.Cyrìacus, ordered that Rome fliouldbe the chief Church. § 69. A Council at Romeforbad chuffing a Pope, till the former had been three days dead, becaufe they fold their Votes for money. § 7o. Boniface the 4th is.made Pope,andPhocas givethhim the Pagan Tem- ple, called Pantheon, for Chriftian Worthip. Inhis time , Pbocas was killed by ,Fraclius, as he had lcill'd Mauritius. §-7t. An..6 t o. A Council at Toletum, under King Gundemar , about the BahopOf Toletum'sPrimacy, which theKing fetleth by Edi&. § 72. A Council at Thrace; under King Sifebutus took the fhorteft way, and only confirmedwhat had been before done for Prief'ts Chastity. § 7 3. Dem dedit was next Pope, inwhofe time the Perftano conquered 5'eru- falem, and carried away the Bishop, and (they fay) the Cross. § 74. Boniface 5th fucceeded : Heraclius the Emperor is woríted by the Perfians,who would not give him Peace , unlef the Empire would renounce Chrift, and worífhip the Sun; Heraclius overthroweth them.; Mahomet nów rifeth, and maketh a Religion' of many Heresies. § 75. At a Synod at Mafcou, Afire imis accufed Columbanus of Superftition, for CrossingSpoons, enc. but was refelled. § 76..Seven or eight Bifhops at Walt's, condemned the Eutychians, and cal- led them Acephali. C H A P.