Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged. 191 fine have from him been called f acobites : And the divided Parties that oppo- fed theCouncil, called the other Melchites, that is Royals, becaufe they took them that followed the Council, to do it meetly in obedience to the Emperor, ( for it was not the Pope then that was the Mailer of Councils. §6o: Among the Armenians alto fome raifed the like Herefies about the Na- tures of Chrifl}fome thinkinghisDeity was inftead of a Soul to his Body , &c. To which they added fuperftitinuslialls, and worfhipping the Crofs , and filch like, not pleadingReafon, but old Tradition for their Errors,fayingthey had them fromGregory, vide Niceph. 1. t 8. c. 5 3, 54. But I mull go forward. § 61. Pelagius dying, Gregory called Manus, fucceeded him at Rome : He continued the Controverfie abouttheTitle of Univerfal Bifhop, writing many Epiflles againft it : HeflatteredPhocas the murderousTyrant, with a Lætentur ' Cali & exultet Terra, &c. yet wasone of the belt and wifeft of their Bifhops. . He lent AuguJline intoEngland, who oppreffed the Britifh Church,and converted the Saxon King of Kent. He introduced mote Superflitions,and greatly altered, the Liturgy. Of which read Mr. T. Tones of the Hearts Sovereign. § 62. CXCIV. A Concilium H alenfe of eight Bithops recited three- Canons. § 63. CXGV. Mauritius before hisdeath, defired Gregory to -call a Synod at, Rome, to draw in theWeflernBifhops that feparated,and to caft them out if they difobeyed : which he did, and they refufing his Summons, Severas of Aquileia; and other Bithops were ruined. They thought God dcftroyed Mauritius for perfecuting them. Gregory thought God would have them deftroyed as Schif- maticks. The Bithops of Rouse for near an hundred years were forced the more to pleafe.the Emperor, becaufe their own Bifhops had cafe themoff, andlet up another Head againft them. _ § 64. CXCVI. An. Sgo. A Concil..Antifzoderenfe made divers Canons againft Superítitions, andCome' too fuperftitious '(as that Womenmuff not taketheSa- crament in their bare hands, &c.) § 65. I find it fo tedious to mention all the little Synods, that henceforth I (hall take but little notice of them, but of the greater only. One under Recaredus at Cafar-Augufla, made three Canons about the Ara nians. - One in Numidia difpleafed Gregory.. § 66. A Council at Poitiers was called on occafon of two Nuns,daughters to the Kingof France, that broke hut of the Nunnery, with many more, and ac cufed theAbbefs, and got men together, and ftript her (lark naked, and drew her out, and let all France in a Commotion , and were forced to do Pe- nance. A Council was called at Metz, to redùce the Biíhop of Rhemes convia bf Treafon ( for Bithopsthat were Traytorsor Murdererswere not to dye. ) ASyqod at Rome under Gregory abfolved a Priceof Calcedon condemned by fohn of Conflantinóple ; what one did, the other undid.. An. 597 Under King Recaredus, i 3 Bifhops made two Canons for Priells Chaftity, &c. - Another