Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

I. will add, that if to be ferious_in the belief of the Chritcian. Faith, and the Life tocome, and in feeking: it abuse thisw rld and ln conftant cn- deavours -to pleafe God, whoever be difpleafcd by it, maketh a man a Puritan, becauCe he is not a formal Hypocrite, then- I would Iwere worthy of the Tides which your Pfeudo- Tilentos and his Brother give rne; who fay, Lam Ptorus Pautar Puritanur, and one gut toturn Puritanifinuna Al- tus fpirat: Alas Iam- not tó good and.happy. But Readers, when this fort . of nien have defcribed the Puritans -as the moat into-liefable Villains, you that knew ahemnot mayconclude, that they were men no more erroneous, or woifethan I, howmuch better foever; for Bithop Morley faith of me, 4b' difce orxnes: And of my Dodrine, I'lave leftthe world a full account; and muff (portly be accountable for it and my life to -God, whole pardon and grace through Chrifi I daily beg and trub- too. ANotice concerning Mr, Henry D°dwell MR. Dodwell having written a copious Diftourfe, afferting; that we haveno right tofalvation, but by Gods Covenant validly Pealed by the Sacrament; and that the Sacrament is not valid; unlefs delivered by one that hath Ordination by fuch a. Bifhop asbathhis Ordinationby another Bifhop, and fo: on by an- uninterrupted fucceflion from the Apoftles; withmuchmore fuck Schifmatical, ftuff, which. I fully confuted in my Books called, [The true and only terms of the Concordofall theChr ian Churches] andI aggravated his Schifinatical condemnation of the Reform- ed Churches, and molt others (as having no true Miniflry, Sacra- ments, nor Covenant-title to falvation, and as finning againft the. Holy Ghoft, becaufe he profcffeth hitnfelf a Proteflant.: The laid Mr.Dodrre/tfaith, that thefe words would perfwade men that I take Tim for a Pááft, and expebteth that I therein right him : Be it therefore known to- all men, that I never meant by that word to accule Mr. Dodwell of being a Papifh, but to aggravate his a-, bufeof Proteftants 5 and that I takemy felt bound to charge no man to be of a Religion which he denieth : And what his Reli- gion really is, his Books may belt inform. him that would know. TH.E,