Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

THE C Chap. i.j THat Order andGovernment Chrift andhis Spiritft- / 1/ tled in the Churches andwhat mas the appointed workof BiPops. Thatparticular Churches, that had every one a Bi fhop, were afföciatedfor perfonal Communionofneighbours : That none on earth for about two hundredyears, andnone but Rome and Alexandria for longer time , can be proved to be more numerous than cur greater Parifhes, nonor halffo big. The Cafe evennfRome andAlexandria examined, andthe likeprovedeven ofthens againf the contrary arguments. How the change was gnade i and what change it is HowPrelacy became the dijeajing tumour oftheChu0. Many Reafoons again/t an illufe of the HifloryofCouncils and Pre- lates ufarrpáticns 5 thatno man thence difhonour Chrif, Chriftianity theMinflryor Church. Chap. 2. Of H_ere(ees : What Errors are not damning, andwhat are. How the mof _ Erroneous corse to cryout againfl Errors -: 17/flawed in all wicked Men, and in Paps, Arrians, Nefitorias, Dioforus, &c. What horrid Work blind Zeal againfii Error hath made, ma- ny infiances even good Alen, as Hillary andPopes andCouncils. The Hill-cryofall the Councils began. TheAft Councils about Eafter contrary to each other. Thefeecond being at Carthage erroneous, acrd Tertullian, Nosatus and 'Novatian. The Rowan Presbiters go- vern the Chorohand call aCouncil, having no Bifhop, and' re f id by Biniusto have the care ofthe imiverfal Church. Cÿprians Coun- cil condemneth a dead man Vidor, for making Fauflinus a Presbi- biter, Guardian of his Sons, and lb entangling hick in worldly buff_ nef. The Council iconie0,2 is f id toerre, and alithofe OrieintalBi- ops excommunicated bÿ the Pope (about Thretichs Baptifin). Mary other Councils fer rebaptizing, with Cyprian's pleading Tradition. IRfhops ofBifhops there centred. Cyprian's Conver&on A fad Heretacatia, Council at Cirta againf Iraditiens. Tie Conei:lium Eliber 117evætiani : And again Images in Charrçhe , c. apron ed by b 2 Pope:,