Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

The Contrits. tioch f ccej ively curfé the Council.: And the Bif7op of: Rome and Confr. curt them for it,4 4 I. Anafratius Emperour is for;. tole- ration: Three parties of Bifhops there condemning each other in Eafr, Weft and. Lybia., f me fria for the Gonncil 5 fonìe carr(ng it., and force for the henoticon or peace. He defpofeth Ñu- phemius Conft. and would have depofcd Macedomus that came next, but .the people raft for hi» , and forced the Emperour to, fubmit, 443. Cruel bloodfbed in AntiochofMonks and others,* 44, Xenaias an unchrifcned man made Bifhop, fòrceth the Brfhops to crerf the Council, 4 45. Severus at Antiochmaketh men curie the Council:fomeBifops repent andcondemnSeverus, 45. The Emperor againfi all blondfor this. Caufe, and the Monks in Palefrine for it, 445, 46, Helias BifbopofJeru Mem and the Monkey re(fl the Empereurs Souldiers, once and again, 4.46. Timothy. Coil& on both (des, § 46. Rome under Theodorick 5 their Schifnr or two Popes with blood three years, § 47. Anafratius, wearied with theOr thodox rebellions, eftreth to re(gn his Crown: In remorfe_they de ire his contimeancc, 4 48. Valentinian maketh a Law, that Bi- fhóps (except cho /in by both Parties)(hall no more beuudgo- in any Caufes, faveofFaith and Religion. Binius reproacheth this, as-being . abfurd, that the Sheepjudge the Shepheard, 4 49. Fully confuted: ThePope excommuyrcateth Acacius ConfEwith a[nuriquam Ana- thematis vinculis exuendus] 4.58. Leo Rom. his Decree againfi the<Marichees, andallotherthat take theBread withouttheCup,46o. Gelafius; ThePopesSeparatìfis, condemnEuphemius and. Acacius; Gelafius faith any BOOmay excommunicate an HeretickBifhop (though áPatriach) his Catalogue o fApocrypha, and canonizingLeo's Epifile, 4.62. The Pope excommunicateth the Greek Emperour and Patriarch ofConfrantinople, but not King Theodorick the Arrizit at home, § 64. Ordination relayed on againfi the Kings% com- mands § 65. CouncilAgath. decreeth thatifa Bifhop excommuni- cate any wrongfully, another ,Bifiop may receive him, &c. That if any Citizen on the dayes of great foleinnity refute to meet where the Bithop is, he is threeyearsdeniedCommunion (which fieweth, that the Bifops Church was no greater than our'Parifies ) Lay-murderers punifsed with denying them ,the' Communion, and Deacons put in Monafieries,.&e. 4 67.ouncil Apannens faith. Hereticks Templescannot be purged nor plied after to Holi nefs,. 68. Council Sydon curf theCalcedon alined, 69. Bifiops haying