Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

Tbe Cositsnts, (Unity taken by one fide far undivided, and by the otherfir undi- ftingui{hed,and f the worldfit again onfire: The Confiantinople Council about Eutychius, 4 5. Another Confantinople Council con-, trarily cleareth hint, 4 8. Ibas cleared at Council Beryt,:4 7. The f- cond Ephfne Council, under Diofcorus. Eutyches juflifaed there. Flaviánus,.Eufeb.Dor. Ibasand Theodolite condemned and de- pofrd. All the Patriar(s elfe andBithops f bfcribe, five the Popes Legates. _ Flavianus hurt and dieth, 49. Leo in a RonnanCoìrncil cordemnetb this, Eph. 2.4 I O. Diofcorus in aSynod at Alexandra excommunicateth Leo, 4 x ii. Theodofius virtueandmiraculous - acry, 4 15. Hispraife of thefeecond Eph. Council, 4 i6. Martians reign, and the CouncilofCalcedon, 4 t 4.17. Turnings, mutualcon- demnings, recantings and rigor. there, 4 x 7.18,19. The cry of the Egyptian Bifhops, 4 24. The Abbots proteflation to cleave only to the NiceneCreed (asPiofcorus did to the NiceneCouncil andEph. r.) and not to fubfiribe Leo's Epifile, and tocontemn excommunicati- ons, 425. Diofcorus not condemned for her* faith Anato- lius, 4 26. Theodorites ufage by the Bifhops, 4 27. The Canon e- quailing Conti. and Rome, § 3G. The doleful ibe of this Coun- cil, § 31. The wofssl work at Alexandria. The murder of Prote- rius, § 33.34. The bloody Tragedy againfh the, CalcedonCouncil and Juvenal (as betrayers of theNiceneFaith) by the Monks. at Jerufalem, § 36. Eudocia and Pulcheria theSpring of all. Leo is Emperour, and for the Council of Calcedon. He,defpofeth Ti- mothyÆlurusatAlexandria,Peter Gnapheus ufurpeth Martyrius Seatat Antioch : Martyrius renouncethhis rebellions clergy andpeo- ple. Gnapheus banifl.ecl byLeo. Stephen that is. for the Council is put in : Theboyes kill him with (harp G wills,, and eaft him into the River, 4 37. Zeno Empereur, Ba1lifcus a f rping commandeth-the E,/hops .to renounce.the Council of Calcedon,. Three Patriarks and fiveHundredBithopsfrrbfiribeagainf it (before moll werefor, it)Ba- fxliCcus changing his mind commandeth that the Council be owned. The Bifbops obeyed this, §38. Zeno reftered, andbeing for theCoun- cil, the Afian : Bithops f id they firl fcribed to Baflicus fí'rf Orders firfear andaskedpardon. Zeno by his Henoticonflenceth the con- troverfie, leaving it free to all to own or difiwn the Council. The Bifbops and peopleare fill wore, at Alexandria and Antioch, &c. Acacius Confi. and Fnlix Rom excommunicatecads other, 4 39. Flavitas Conti. cheateth . the Emperour that would haveGod by an Angel (bole the Biflop,* 40., The Bifhaps of Alexandria and An Hoch