Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

The Cóntents. pofterity, not to permit pertinacious Heretical Princes,to reign. ¢. 5. The confeiluents of this dollrine : How the Pope ruined the Eaftern Empire, andbetrayed Chriflianity. 4. 5. Wilfrids Oath to the Pope. 4. 6. Councils pro Imaginem cultu, A'_ enfus full calls himfelf The Catholick King: S. 9. P. Zachary, and Charles Martell againfl the Empereur : Pipin and the Popes Treafon in France, and Baronius and Binnius treafnable do/Irine. 4. ix. Twenty Aeries hereupon. 4. x2. P. Zachary and Bifhop Boni- face Excommunicate Virgiliusfor holding Antipodes : Qteries here- upon. 4. 14, x5. Philaffrius of the ;liars. 4. 16. `A caution a- gainfl mifapplying all. "4. 17. When Lardmull k eaten. P. Za- chary'sdecree. ¢. 18. CaroIomán's Council to recover Chrifliani- ty, andfame mens fouls fromfalfe Priefls. 4. 19. Boniface finely made Arch-bifhop of Mentz: accuféth Bithop Adelbert'andClem,- ens. 4. zr, 2z. Pipin helpeth the Pope and Defiderius Trrytors, and maketh a Donation of Cities' to the Pope. 4...23. A General Council at Conflantinople condemn Image Worfhp as Idolatry, and fwear men aping it, andagainfl praying to the Apoflles, Martyrs, and Virgins (I fuppofe before Images. ) 4. z4. This Council and theCouncil ofNice fecond, determine that Chrifls glorifiedbody is not flefh (with`Anathema.) 4. z6. 'Notedas to Tranfubftantiation and other Errours. 4. z6, 27. Pif ins Coancil decreeth every City i Biliop; and joyn"eth the livery/ or ferce'to Excommunication, ba- nifbing the defpifers of it. 4. z8. The Greeks accule the Latines for adding [F ilioque:] 4. 3o. The People Hill choofe Popes. 4. 2,9, 31. Three Popes fightingfor it : one putting out the eyes andcut- ting out the tongue ofthe other, andof his adherents. 4. 31. Con flantines, Ads invalid, except Raptizings andConfecrating. "4. 33 Chriflophers eyes and life taken away through thePope that hefet up. 4.35. Defideriusfighteth againfl the Pope, Charles M. overcometh him, andmaketh Pope Adriangrater than any before him. 4.37.Why Deacons mofllymade Popes : No Bifhop might be made Pope, or removed.4, 3 The termes of Papig Writers expounded. 4. 40. Puttingpenanceon Murderers for hanging, frll'd the Church with Rogues. 4. 41. The Idiflorians give the lie to each other about the power given Carol. M. in making Popes andBifhops. Baronius Argument againfl it vain. That the People and Clergy by the French Conflitutions Hill choofe Bïfhops. 4 4z. Irenefitup Images again: Worsen and Rebelsfet sip Popes. r 46. Ike Talle of Sylvefters haptì ing Coniiantine, and the