Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

The Contents. the Images (hewed him. 4. 48. Pope Adrian owneth the whole Council of Calcedon. S. 47.. Many notable old Canoess font by A- drian to Carol. M. A Bi(hop. neglelling to convert Iereticks, he was tohave them that delivered them, &c. 4. 5r. Ch. Mag. forceth the Saxons to. profefs<,themfelvesChriflians and fwearperfeverance, which they oft broke. 4. 5a. Eight more old Canons collelled by A- drian, e. g. The Bifhops fentence void, not confirmed by-the prefenceof theClergy. The judgment of a Bifhop in anothers Parilli void, for none is bound by the fentence ofany but his own Judge. Foreign Judgments forbidden : All to be judged byMen chofen by themfelves. No Clergy-man to be judged without lawful accufers prefent, and leave to defend himfelf Bifhops tyrannical judgments null: Conftitutions contrary to good manners of no moment. Delators, that is, qui ex invidia produnt alios, tohave their tongues cut out, or their heads cut of: The danger ofthe Judge greater than of the judged, &c. And let no man receive a Lay-mans witnefs againft a Clergy- man. (No wonder if the Clergy were unpunifhed andwicked.) 4. 53. Irene calls a Council at Conflantinople for Images. The oldSoul- diers of the former. Emperours not enduring it, routed them. She and Tarafius agreeing call- them to Nice. The Bithops that were favorn..againfl :Image wox(hip, prefcnt4 turn generally for it, .by a Woman and a Patriarchs known will. '4. 49. 5'4 How could the Iconoclaft Emperours be Hereticks, unlef the ufe"of fuch Images were an Article of Faith ? 4. 55. The: Emprefs and Emperoúr called The Governours of the wholeWorld : They are the cal- lers of that Council. 4. 56. Bafil Ancyr. and other Bifhops that °were, Leaders .againJ/ Images in theformer Council, lament it, and curfe all that are not far Images, and allthat favour fuch, &c. Theodofius Bithop of Amoricum alb curfeth himfe if ever he turn again, and curfeth thole who do not from their hearts teach Chrifhians to venerate Images ofall Saints, praying for their inter region, &c. Queries hereon. ' When General Councils curfe each o- ther, is the whole Church curfed? &c. 4. 59. A crowd of chang ling Bifhops crying mercy, Tarafius puts themhardto it, `what made themofthe contrarymind 'heretofore, '. andwhat reafon changeth them? 4. 6o, Whether thefe penitent Hereticks fhouldbe reftored to their Bifbopricks. .Tarafius. faith, Arians -and thefe againfl Images and all.Herefes and Evils ,are alike. But another, That this was greater