Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

The Contents.- theín; on- Religious pretenf tüdovicus reforèd the fecend time 1.othäri.ts'rebelleth /hill, tillpardoned. Ludovìcus dÿcth '4. 137. :'the form'of his condemnation by the Bithops at large; with all the Articles of Accufation and his ,penance at the Bifbops high Court if yuflice 4. 139. The Empereur refiored by force, the Bifhops re. cant and he forgiveth them , Ebbo reigning 4. `' 4.o. The Wars between Ludovicus Sons: Lotharius jufllyconquered. 4. 145.The ` Bijhops depofe him upon impeachment as they did his Father by his will. 4. 146. Images reflored at Conflantinople by heodora a Woman : the fed as Irene. Photius Patriarch 4. . '', 149. The Bifhops fuddenly turn again. $ 15o. Strife for th ,<,lor, 4 15x. Lotharius and his brothers agree. t 5 ;. 27-e Arch bifhop of Rhemes fledand the feat vac,2-,.;-: wa r Pars l r c'erned by two Presbyters. 4. 152. Cao s ',, Church- lands. 4 153. Pope Leo and ;hi' C: - writeth Mang"Rules, anddepofeth Fri j/ cbaf c,' . . trey amend. '4. 154. Singing Liturgies the c (rfton cf rmp0.,ed forms. $. 155. A Council at Mentz punibeeh murder even of Priefis, but with putting themfrom the commie/rim. 4. 157. CHAP. so. Councils about Ignatius and Photius, with o- thers. Hincmarus's defiription of Godefcalcus and his Hereje. 4. 1. Canons, that Arch- Presbyters examine every Mager of a Family perfonally, &c. That none denyed Communion have any Of- fice civil or Military, 4. 3. Whether unconflrainedfuferers are Martyrs. 4. 4. A hardcafe about the nullity of Ebbos Ordinations: Two Popes differ. 4. 5. Ignatius cafe. 4. 8. Remigius and ele- ven more at Valence make notable decrees about Predeflination, Redemption, Perfeverance, and choice of Bithops 4. 9. The Cler- gy and People to choofe Bithops. f 9, 1o. Lotharius turneth Monk. 4. 1 s. No Pope Joan. O. 12. Twofirive for the Papa- cy: Anallafiusagainfl Images, repug. 4. 53, 14. Thunderbolts in the Church. 4. 16. John Bi/hop ofRavenna forced to fubmit to the Pope. 4. 17. The Schifìn between Ignatius andPhotius. 4. 18. .8ifhops for the Emperours divorce, cenjuredby the Pope, defife him. 4 19. Pope Nicolas, againfl Hincmarus : Againfl the Greek Em- perour : His notable Epz/lle = He maketh the greater number of Pi- flops and People no lige of truth; nor fewnef oferrour. 4 2 r. Beptfm valid by one that is no Priefi nor Chriflian 4. za. None proper Patriarchs but A_poflles Succe_(pours 4 z2 All other Chur- ches