Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

The Contents. ches and Dignities made by Rome, andRome byChrii. *. 2.4. Pe. terhadthe Empire ofHeaven and Earth. Ill cholera Popesnot Apo- flolical, * z5. May other Papal ?Jfierpations, againfl Oaths, Prim- ces, &c. * 26, &c. People All chute Bithops, * 2,9. None may hear Mali ofafornicating Priefl, *3o. Lay men mull not judge or fearch the lives ofFrief's. K. Charlesfaith none but the Bithops may dipole him, * 3z. Photius fetledby Councils, * 3 r, 33, 35. Divers Councils for K. Lotharius divorce againfl the Pope,* 38, 39, 40. The Pope curfeth them;* 4r,and curfeth his Legates at Conft. * 42,,andat Metz, * 46. Hìncmarus andthe Pope's Contention, 4.435 44 Hi- floriansfay the Papacywas voideight years., and others but feven days, 4.5-0. Photius and his Counfels defpifed the Pope. His depo- Rion lyBafilius a Murderer, * 51. Bafilius.craveth the Popespar- donfor the Bithops, becaufe they hadalmoll all been deceivedor falfe, by following the upper Powers, and the Churches would elfe be left de- Petite, * 52. What nullifying Ordinations hath done, 4.53 : Men wrongfully excommunicated to be received by other 'Whops : Presby- ters to annoint thefck, becaufe the Bithops cannot vifìt all, * 56. A Confi. Councilejeóleth Plaotius ; where theBithops that were for him, turn again and condemn him, crying peccavimus ; fave forre few : Subfcriptions denyed, and why, * 57. This eighth General Council decreeth equal honour to Chrifls Image as to the Gotel: Forbiddeth Patriarchs to require Bifops to fubfcribe to them, but only to the Faith, and depofeth .them that do it, * 5 8 : Curfeth them thatfay man bath two Souls : All Bithops to be worfhipped by Princes, and notgofar to meet them, nor lightfrom their Horfes to them, nor Pe- tition them, on great Penalties, * 58. Princes as profane may not leprefent at Councils; nor have been, (impudent!) * 58. No Lay manmay diuteEcclefiaflical Sanllions, be he neverfo wife or good: But aBithop mull not be refilled though manifefllydellitute of all vir- tue of Religion, * 59. They decree that Photius be not calleda Chri- flian, * 6o. Bithops dove Kings, as Heaven above Earth, * 6r. The Popebut onePatriarch cannot alfolve them that manyPatriarchs condemn,* 6z. Nicetas Life ofIgnatius inbrief, * 63. The Pope depofed by a Conft. Council. The Bifbops wrote not Photius condem- nation with Ink but withChrijs blood, andyet reflored him andho- noured him as the Emperour tnrned. Photius depofèth and re-ordain- eth, and requireth fùbfcription to him, * 63. Votes hereon, 4.64. The Contention between Rome andConft. for ruling the Bulgarians, d and