Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

The Contents> blinded, mangled, dífgraced, kill'd, 4 84. Seven Electors of the Emperour fettled, 4 85. Gerbert how made Pope ,. 4 87. Thè Kingof riungary Converts the Tranfilvanians, 4 87. GoodNings, 9o. Leutherius Archbifhop ofSeus againft Tranfubftantiation, 4 91. Two Popes fighting. The Kingof Hungary converted by the Emperour Henry, 4 95 The firth turningofHereticks (Manichees) 4 97. Henry the Emperour leavethhis Wife a Virgin, 4 xoo Be- nedic&. IX. a deboift boy-Pope : put out again, 4 103. Gets in a- gain : A third entersat once The Cerberus hired all out by divi- ding the Church-rents between then': do reign; but the hirer as pacificator is made Pope, 4 xo 3 . Six that hadbeen Popes alive at once: One honett Pope that could not read made a fellow Pope to do it, 4 1.04. GregoryVL , The illiterate reconciling Pope variou," defcribed: put out with theother three, and a Fifthchofen, 4' 107. Benedict.gets in the third time, 4 x o7. Another gets in by Poyfon, and dyeth the 1.3 day, 4 i xo. Baron. anfwered, 4 am x,. The Monger Bened. 9: is be that condemned Berengarius, 4 x x z. Leo 9th. of the Refurrettion: Renounceth theTitle of Vniaierfal Patriarchs, a; of thelawdof Antichrift: Peter not Vniverfal Apoftie. Bithops equal; varied by City priviledges, fave in Africa by feniority. The Ro- rnifh Church ufurped by noPafiors, 42.05. Michael Patr. of :Conn.. Re- baptizeth Papifts, faith theyhad no trueBaptfm, or Sacrifice, 4 zoy. A Roman Council pardonfmoniacal Bithops and Pries, lef the Church be utterly dejlitute, 4 206. The Popes holda Council in France againft the King's will: A Bithops horridCrimes, anda mira- cle there. StillClergieandPeople mull chufe every Bithop 2.07. CHAP. xz. The continuation till the Councilof Conftance Coun- cils againfl Bcrengarius, 42, &c. Adulterous-and Symoniacal Rio (hops : A. miracle, 4 4, 9. Hildebrand, a Sub-deacon, prefeleth in Councils, anddepofeth Li/hops, and Excommunicateth, 4 9, ao.. Bi- flops by Excommunication rule K.Ferdinand, 4 az. Milanfeparated fromRome zoo years, 4 16. Another Schifm, 4 x7, i8. Hildebrands new Foundation" ofPopes (by Cardinals Election) 4 2, 1. Notes hereon, 4 zz. A RomanCouncilforbids hearing a Fornicator Prieft, 4 z3, Bloodyfights between two Popes : Five yearsfchofm, 4 25, P. Alex- ander giveth England to William the Conqueror, 4 2.7. Councils for each Pope, 4,z8, 29. Gods word affirmedviolable, 4 y.. Hilde- brands War in 'Rome: "Italian Bithops againft him. Hishardwork. Obedience to thePope forbidden bya Council at Mentz. He depofeth the Emperour for Peeking to dìminifh the Majefty of the Church :. and