Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

The Contents. cefors did. 4. i2, 13 , 14,:í5, i7Platina's dferz tlonof a Malignant Polie. 4.14. Popes Crown for fear, and uncrown, and Crown others. 4. t5. Bishops turn andreturn, and cry Peccavimus. Reordinations forbidden. 4.16. BadPrinces the caufe of bad Bi o s. eel Christians on whom the Pope durfi not ufe Ìh p t7' Wick, ,Schifines and violenceon Popes. Difmadne. t e thirdtime, keeps it ; by hores andtWhordom the molt wicked th the faith Baron. and Bin. 4. zz. Formofus againexecuted dead, 4.2.3. Queflions to the Papists of their holynefi and Succefflon, 4. 24. Photius lait depoftion, and the Murders of Emperours at Con.- flant.4. z6. A Whore Ruleth at Rome, 4 zt. She maketh her Fornicator Pope; Baronius and Binnius. hard put to it 4. 6z. Earl Heribert'sSon, not five years old, made Archbifbop fo Rhemes. 4. 3o. Ratified by Pope John, lamentedby Baron. that by this Example other great men did the like: Jphns endby aWhore, 4.3o. None to marry within thefeventhdegree, as incedi. 4.31. Ser-- gins bastard -Son under age made PopeJohn bya Whore, and destroyed after : a Manlier faith Binnius. 4.3 5. None tofait privately, but by the Bishops confort. 4. 36.7he Kingof Denmark made Christian by HenryKingofGermany. 4.39. St. Peter made theexample forma- ny Bifhopricksto one Bifhop. 4.40. Albericus ruleth, andmangle th the Pope. 4. 41. The Bishops judge the Infant before the perjured Monk to be Bishop of Rhemes, 4 43. The treafons and changes inFrance, 4 44. Tryphon illiterate _finely cheated ofhis Patriarchate Conti. 4 46. Councils do and undo between the two Bishops of Rhemes, 48, 49, 5o. John XII Lawful Popewanted all things necefary to a Pope, fay BaroniusandBinnius, 4 51. Notes hereon, 4 52. Pope John difinembreth his Cardinals, 4 53. Hefled, 4 53 . The Bishops depofe him, andmake another by Otho's means, 4 54 The horrid charges against PopeJohnfworn, 4 53. Baronius andBinnius against his condemnation anfwered, 4 56. Two Popes andChurches, 4 57. Notyet known who was the true Pope, 4 59. John killed in Adul- te.y, 4 6o. Another Antipope perjuriou7y chofen, 4 61. AMar- tyr, 4 6z, 64. An interruption of the .Succe ton b ;r_ ßnnius account, 4 6 - y Baronius and Bi ni andfsrac led 5. Otho faveth them. Tice next imprifon- g , 4 67. Boniface VII. runs to Conf}antinople with the Church Treafure, 4 69. Twomore Popes, 4 69, 7o, 72 Boni - face murders another Pope, andgets in ; dyeth, and is drag'd about the Streets, 4 74. John XV, durft not dwellat Rome, 4 75. Hu- go Capet turneth theBifhops, 4 78. Popes frghtiug John XVII, d z blinded,