Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

Ìç TheContents. 4 1.95, 196. Obedient difobedience: All Power for edification, 15. The Pope calls the King of England his Slave, whom he can impri- f n, &c. 4 196. The Cardinals Speech to quiet the Pope: A De- feflionforetold,4 r96.Grofheads death : He taketh themfor Hereticks that tell not great menof theirfn, &c. The Pope Antichrift, for de- flroying fáuls. The Popes pardoning Letter: The Pope deferibed, 4 198. Miracles at Robert Grofheads death : The Pope would have burnt and damncd his Corps : In a vifion he mortally woundeth the Pope, 4 198, 199. H. III. pawneth his Kingdom to the Pope, 4 200. The 13th General Council at Lyons excommnnicateth and ¿Jlepofeth the Emperour and abfolveth his Subjetis, 4.202.. Guelphs for the Popes, Gibelius for the Emperour, 4 toi. The EnglifhPar- liament demand the choice of the Lords Juftice, Chàncellour and Treafurer, 4 zo4. The Plot of King Henry and the Bijhop ofHere- ford, to get money by the Pope, 4 206. The Parliament refill it : M. Paris talks too boldly of the King, 4 zo6. Buying Bifhopricks: Brancaleo atRome maftereth the Pope, 4 z.ó8, z69. Sewale Arch- Bijhopof York againft the Pope : loth Miracles, 4 zr z . Rome not' ruled by the Pope, 4 114. Near threeyears vacancy of the Papacy, 4 2.19. Cardinal Portuenfisjeaft, 2,2.o. Thefoolifh Pope Johnfadly confuted, 4 zzo. King Peter of Arragon depofed, 4 zz6. The Popes Tenth penydenyed, 422, 8. Twoyears more vacancy. The Greeks enmity to Rome, 4. 2.2.9. Pope Celeftine cheated to refign, andim prifoned, 4 2,33. Boniface the VIII. his conflie`t with the Kingiof France: taken prifoner, and 'yeti) : Platina's goodCounfel to allRu- lers, 4 2.2.4. The Clergy not tobe taxedby Princes, 4 2-35. The Popefetled inFrance by Clement V. Continueth 7o rears, 4236, Above 2. years vacancy, ibid. 40. Articles of the King of France againfl Boniface VIII. Three Herifes of Petrus Joannis, 1. The rationalfoul, as fuck is not forma corporis humani. 1. Grace ha- bitual, not infufed -in baptifine to Infants. 3. The Spear pierced Chrifl before his death, 414z. The Herefe of the Beguines and Beguardes for perfetlion, 4 ibid. Pope Clements Decrees, De fide. 1. Of the form of the body (thefoul.) 2.. Infants infufed Grace. 3. Vfury a fin. To be reftored. The ,tontrary to fuffer as Hereticks, 4 ibid. The falfhood offorceof theefe new.Ar- ticles of Faith, 4 143. Magiftrates excommunicated thatdifgrace wicked, Priefis, 4147. Or compel them to anfwer to them, 4148. , Popes