Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

The Contents. by two.Biflops, 4160. Abailard conde nn2d unheard, 616r. Ca_ lefline II. the ftrg Pope without the Peoples elefliorr, An. 114.3 Rome againtt the Pope : Bi(hops are hisflrength, 6 168. Porre- tarte again accufed, andpuzzled the Council, 4 ì7o. TIe is again. accufeeby Bernard, whom the Cardinals accufè for writing his Faith andgetting Bithops hands to it, 4 171. The Romanepeo- pie excommunicate by Pope Adrian 4. They arefora Preacher called by him an heretick, 4 174. Romefrghteth with Pope andEmpereur Theyfight again, and expel the Pope, 4 174. The 27 pairof Popes Warsbetween the Emperour FrederickandPope : The Crown ofEng- land heldas from the Pope: let Rome receiveth him not: The Em- perourfubmitteth, king eleferted, &c. 4 175. The fetling the choice ofPopes by Cardinals : The Pope no Bithop by the Canons, 4 177_ The Roman Succejion is fromAlex. 3. when the Clergie, People, Em- pereur, Princes, and a Council of innumerable Bithops were for Vi- dor, 4 176. Parliaments called Councils, 4 179. Ireland taie Popes, 4 180. The Albigenfes Henricians, 4 181. Ao Bifhop may fufpenda Presbyter without thejudgment ofhis Chapter : Aperjured Clergie-man perpetually "deprived Doubtful words to k underJlood as ufually, 4 182.. The Popes Party in Rome have their Eyes put out, 4 183. Frederick drowned in Afta, 4 187. The Kingdom ofFrance interdilied, 4 19o. The PopeJets up an Anti-Emperour, who pre vaileth, 4 192. England iuterdifledfixyears and three months, 4 194. The famous twelfth General Council at the Laterane under Inoc. 3. for Tranfubftantiation, exterminating hereticks, depoftng Princes, abfoivingSubjeFfs,forbidding unlicenfed Preachers; `&c. 4195. Almaricus burnt dead, 4 196. Stephen Langton and Xing john, 4 /97. Ten Queries upon this Council, 4 198. TheCanons of this Council true: Mr. Dodwel's 17 Arguments for it, 4 199. The Papifls excufes aufwered, 4 180. (mifnumbreel.) The bloody Execu- tion, 4 z8r. OxfordCanons, that every great Parifh have two or three Presbyters, &c. 4 183. Againft Preaching whenflenced,. 4 184. The Pope twice banifhed by the Romans : The Empereur excommunicate anddep f d ; fights it out : The Pope dyeth, 4 z86. A mortalfin to have two Benefices, if one will maintain him, 4 1-870' The Empereur again excommunicate : A merryExcommunication, 4 194 Rebellions, 4 192. Conrade and King Henry, 4 1. Bitho Groilhead's notable"Letter to the Pope, and its receetio , ¢195,