Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

AnAccoitrit offonieBooks latelyPrinted for, and tobe Sold by Thomas Simmons, at the Prince's Arms, inLudgateftreet. Ato Knowledge, and Praîlice : Wherein the main things ne_ ceffary to be known and believed, in order to Salvation, are more fully explained, and feveral newDireaions given forthe promot- ingof real Holinefs, both ofHeart and Life : Towi ich is added a ferions diffwafive fromfome ofthe reigning and Cuftomary fins ofthe Times.viz. Swearing, Lying, Pride, Gluttony, Drunkennefs, Uncleannefs, Dif- content, Covetoufnefs, and Earthly-mindcdnefs, Anger, and Malice, and Idlenefs ; by Sam. Cradock,B.D. late Reítor of North-Cadbury,inSomer- fetfhire : Vfeful for the infirultionof privateFamilies : Price bound4s. De Analogia, five Arte lingua Latina Commentariolus : In quo omnia, étiam reconditioris Gramaticæ, Elementa ratione nova traltantur, & ad breviffimos Canones rediguntur : In ufumProveI,tioris Adolefcentiæ. Ope- ra Wilhelmi Baxteri Philiftóris, Pricebound r s. 6 d. The lively Effiges of the Reverend Mr. Mathew Pool: So well performed as to reprefent his true Idea, to all that knew him, or had a Veneration for him : Defign'd on purpofe to befriend thofe that would prefix it to his SynopfisCriticorum, Price 6 d. Moral Prognofiications : r. What {hall befall the Churches on Earth, till their Concord, by theReftitution oftheir Primitive Purity, Simplicity, andCharity : 2. How that Reftitution is like to be made(ifever) and what fhallbefal them thenceforth unto the end, in that Golden Ageof Love: WrittenbyRichard Baxter,when by the Kings Commiffon,we in vain treated for Concord, r661. and now Publilhed r68o, Price s. The NonconformiflsAdvocate; oran Account of their Judgment in cer- tain thi ngs in which theyare mil-underttood : Written principally in Vin- dicationofa Letter from a Minifler to a Perfon ofguality,ihewingfame Reafons for his Nonconformity, Price i s. There is Publifbed everyThurfday, a Mercurius Librarius, or A Faithful Account of all Boo and Pamphlets Pahlifhed everyWeek : Inwhichmay be in- ferted any thing fit for a Publick Advertifement, at a moderate Rate. Direlllions to theBinder ofBaxter's ChurchHiftory, &c. After the TitleSheet follows a, b, c, d, e ; then B,C, D, E, F, G, H, I, K, h, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S; then AA, B B, CC, DD, E E, F F, G G, HH, II, KK, LL, MM, NN, OO, PP; thenSS, TT,V V,XX, YY, ZZ, AAA, BBB, CCC, DDD, EEE; then .GGG; and foonto Q,Q,Q; which Signiture endsthe Book.