Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

---------- Church-Hiftory OF BISHOPS And their COUNCILS A B R. I DG ED, c. CHAP. L Ofthe facredMiniflry, Epifcopacy andCouncils, nece,ffary Pre- monitions : andofthe Deign of thisBook. OD that could have enlightned the Earth without the Sun andStars, could immediately alonehave taught his Church, and communicated knowledge tomankind : But as he is the molt communicative good, he was pleafed flux, but alto to give themtthe and honour of being receptive efficient fhb-com- municants under him, and caufes of good to themfelves and to one ano- ther And as his Power gaveBeing andMotion, his Wifdcm gave Order and Harmony, and his Love gave Goodnefs and Perfcflion, felicity and love, as he is the creating and conferving Caufe ofNature; and this in much ine- quality, as he was the free difpofer ofhis own; fo in the Kingdom of Grace he doth by the Spirit of Life Light, and Love, z. Quicken and Itrengthen the dead and weak fouls, andawaken the (lumbering and (loth- ful; z. Illuminate the dark with Faith and Knowledge; and 3. Sanl.ifie the