Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged. them kindled and exercifed by the Spirit which he giveth them ; even by the Belief and Truft ofhis Merits, Sacrifice, Intercelron and Promifes, and the profpetl of the future Glory promifed, fortifying us to all holy duties ofobedience, and diligent feeking what he bath promifed, and to patient bearing of the Crofs, conquering the inordinate love of the world and flefh and prefent life, and improving all our prefent fulferings, and preparing for his coming again, and for our change and entrance in- to our Matters joy. §. 5. Chrift fummed up theElfentials of Chriftianity in the Baptifmal Covenant, in which we give up our felves inFaith, Hope, and confenting Love, to God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft, our Creator, Redeem- er, and San&ifier, and in which -God receivet-h us in the Correlations as his own. And all that are truly thus baptized are Chriftened, and are to be efteemed and loved as Chriftians, and to be received into Chriftian Communion in all Chriftian Churches where theycome, until by apoftafie orin enitency in certaindifobedience to theLaws of Chrift, in points ne- ceffary toChriftian Communion, they forfeit that priviledge. Nor are men to deprive them of the great benefit thus given them by Chrift, on pretence of any wit or holinefs, or power, to amend Chrifts terms, and make the Church Doors narrower, or tie men to themfelves for worldly ends. Yet muft the Paftors Rill difference the weaker Chriftians from the ftronger, and labour to edifie the weak, but not to caft them out of the Church. ß. 6. The facred Miniftry is fubordinate to Chrift in his Teaching, Go. oerning, and Prieflly Office, and thus eflèntiated by Chrifts owninftitution, which man bath no power to change: Therefore under Chrift they mutt teach the Church by facredDoctrine, guide them by that and facred Di- fcipline, called The power of the Keys ( that is of judging who is fit to enter by Baptifm, to continue, to partake of the Communion, to be fub fpended orcalf out) and to lead them inthe publickWorfhip of God, in- terceding in Prayer and fpeaking for them, and adminiftring tothem the Sacraments or holySeals of the Covenant of God. ß. 7. The firft part of the MiniftersOffice is about the unbelievingworld, to con Vert them to theFaith of Chrift ;and the fecond perfective part a- bout the Churches. Nor mull it be thought that the firft is done by them as meer private men. 4. S. As Satan fell by pride, and overthrew man by tempting him to pride (to become as Gods in Knowledge) fo Chrift himfelf was to conquer the Prince of pride by humility, and by the Crofs, by a life offuffering; con- temned by the blind and obftinate world, making himfelf of no reputation, defpifng the flume of fuffering as aMalefactor (aTraitor and Blafphemer:) And thebearing of the Croft was a principal part of his Precepts and Cove- nant to his Difciples, without which they could not be his Followers. AndbyHumility they were to follow the Captain of their Salvation, in conquering the Prince of pride, and in treading down theEnemie_v orld, B 2 even