Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

Cburcb-Hiftory ofBithops and eventhe lull of the flefh, the tuft of the eyes, and pride of life, which are not of the Father but of the world. . §. 9: Accordingly Chrift taught his chief Difciples, that if they were not fo converted as to become as little children, they could not enter into the Kingdomof Heaven, Matth. 18.3: His School receiveth not mafterly Di- fciples, but humble teachable- Learners, that become fools that they may be wife. And when they were difputing and feeking which of themfhouldbegreat- eft, he earneftly rebuked all fuch thoughts, letting a little child; before them, telling them-that the Princes of the Earth exercife authority, and are called Benefalíors (or by. big Names) but with them it íhould not be fo ; but he that would be the greatefl mull be fervant of all, Look zz. fhewing them that it was not a worldly grandeur, nor forcing power by theSword (which belongeth to Civil Magiftrates) which was to be exercifed-by the Paltors of the Church : But that he thatwould be the-Cttiefeft, mutt be molt excellent in Merit, and molt ferviceable to all, and get his honour and do his work by meriting the refpeEt and love of Volunteers. The Sword is the Magiflrates, who are alto Chrifts Minifters ; (for all Power is given him; and he is Headover all things tothe Church.) But they are eminently the Minifters-ofhis Power; but thePatters and Teachers are molt eminently Minifters of his Paternal and Paving love and'wifdomr And by wifdom and love to dotheir work. The Word preached and applied gene.. rally and particularly (by the Keys) is theirWeapon. or Arms, and not theSword. The Bohemians therefore knewwhat they laid, when they feemed da{n- nable Hereticks to the worldly Clergie that deftroyed them, when they placed their Caufe in there four Articles: r: To have-the whole Sacra- ment, Bread andWine. 2. To, havefree-leave for true Ml'nifters to preach the ward of God (without unjuft filencing of proud worldly men that cannot Rand before- the truth.) 3. To have Temporal Dominion (or Government by-the Sword, and power over mens Bodies and Eftates) taken from the Clergie. q.. To have grofs fin fuppreffed by the lawful Magiftrate by the Stivard.. §: lo. Had' it been necelihry totheChurchesUñionagainft Schifns or Hë_ refse for Chriftians-to know that Peter or forne one of his Apoftles muff behis Vicar-General, and Head of his Church to whom all mutt obey; who can- believe that Quilt would' not onlyhave filenced fo neceffarya point, but alfo at a timewhen hewas defiredOr called to decide it, have only fpoken fo muchagainft it, totake down all fuch Expectations. Yea we never-read that Peter exererfed- anyAuthorityor Jurifdiltionsover-any other of the Apoftles; nor more than other- Apoftles did; much lefs that ever he chofe a Bithop to be Lord of the Church, as his SuccefCor. Nay he himfelf feemeth to -fore-fee this mifchief, and- therefore faith, aPet. 5, 1-,T, 3. The Elderswhich are among you I exhort, whoam alp án El- der and.'a.Witnefs of the Suferings of Chrifl, and- alfo a Partak r o°- the- . t -: