Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

z 8 Church-Hiiory of Bifhops and Catholicks. The Armenians havemanyBithops, and one chief, but live (though too ignorantly and fuperftitiouíly, yet) in great aufterity of life. IX. In all ages line Prelacy fwelled to the corruption of the Chur- ches, and annoyance ofthe Peace ofKings and Kingdoms, there havebeen Rill agreat number of pious lamenters of theCorruptions of the Church, that havegroaned and prayed for reformation : Infomuch, that Dr. Field maintaineth, that even in the Church of Rome there have been (till confi- derable numbers of Do&ors, that owned truth and piety, and mifliked the Papal ufurpations and errours. The Waldenfes and Albigenfes (exceed- ingnumerous) Paid, they had continued from the Apoftles, and fo from the days of Sylvefler (or Conflanrine) had diífented from the Romanpride, and corruptions. AndGodhath made theProteftant Churches fine the Re- formation, as his Vineyard,where truth and piety have profpered, though Satan hathbeen 'till at work, andhere alto had toomuch fuccefs. X. And it muff be remembred, that . Godhath made ufe of many proud and turbulent men, to propogate and defend the truth of the Gofpel And their Gifts have ferved for the good of the fincere. As the huskor chaff and ftraw is ufeful to the Corn ; fo many worldly Prelates and Priefts have been learned Expofitors and ufeful Preachers, and taught others theway to life, which they would not go in themfelves. Befides that, their very Papal power and grandure, which hath corrupted the Church, bath yet been a check to force, that would have alTaulted it by force; and as a hedge of thornes about it. Worldly intereft engageth Pope, Patriarchs, andPrelates, to ftand up for the Chriftian Religion, becaufe they gain by it (as Leo the tcth is Paid to have odioufly con- feffed.) f. 42. And the oldFathers, till Conflantines time, did molt ofthem think that the laft thoufandyears would be a time of fuller glory to the Church; as many yet think, though I confefs my felf unskilful in the Prophe- fies. But I make no doubt, but though this earth be fo far defertedby God, the Glorious Kingdomwhich we 'hail fhortly fee, with the new Heaven and Earth, wherein dwelleth righteoufnefs, will fullyconfute all our pre- lenttemptations to think hardly of God or the Redeemer, becaufe of the prefent corruptions and diffentions of this lower world. 4. 43. We may conjecture at former times byour own: We fee now, that among the moll: Reformed Churches, too often the moll: world- ly part are uppermoft, and perhaps are the perfecuters of the refl., and though they may be the fmaller part, it's they that make the noife, are the noted part that carry the name, and that Hiftories writeof. A few men got into places of power, feem to be all the Church, or Nation, by the prevalency of their a&ions, which few dare contradict : They may give Laws ; They may have the power of Prefs and Pulpit, fo that nothing fhall be published llut what theywill; They may call themfelves the